shock rounds guns Essay

Shock Rounds Guns Essay

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MDM Group, Inc. has made an agreement with Harrington Group to commercialize the company’s Shock Rounds™ non-lethal technology. Shock Rounds™ are a potential breakthrough product for the law enforcement industry, the military, and border control. They rubber bullets that generate a high voltage charge and are compatible with standard ammunition calibers. Similar to stun guns and Taser technology, the Shock Rounds™ bullet discharges an electrical shock upon impact and disrupts the nervous system. The Shock Rounds™ rubber bullets can incapacitate a target at 100 meters. The technology is applicable to wide range of markets and security needs, bringing it to a far more application and versatility to the market sector. As well, is being developed for traditional metal and rubber bullet cartridges that make it compatible with existing firearms. The market for metal bullets estimates over five billion, as for rubber bullet is over 150 million. To ensure a way of not harming people that could hurt them. As well enable a better control in public places. I believe this technology will save lives and ensure less collateral damage. As well it will make law enforcement safer and more certain and reduce injuries and fatalities in the states. The gun seems to be reliable and sufficient knowing it will not kill anybody. As well the bullet is made of rubber and it discharges an electrical shock that will disrupt the nervous systems. The making of the rubber bullets is far less money than metal bullets which will be a money saver. The technology we currently use is cars. I know that the cars of today are sufficient, reliable, and transportable. In which for the car to be used, we rely on gas, therefore later on I believe we won’t need gas anymore. For which, in 20 years we’ll have a new modified and improved car called A Nissan Moon Walk 6000. As we know in this time of generation we depend on the roads to travel one place to another, but for a Nissan Moon Walk 6000 we would only depend on the air. The neat of this modified car is that no gas is needed for it to run. The transmission, engine, and other car parts are going to be improved as well. So that it’s needed source would only be electricity. It’s a huge advantage for us because we don’t need to spend money on gas, as well not paying money, for a tune up, oil change, and so on. As well it’s going to be chargeable to be able to be used again. Another great thing about this car is that the time saving that’s going to be. Usually, traveling on the road at the speed of 70 miles per hour, from Manteca to Los Angeles it’s about six hours, depending on the traffic and the stops they take it could be more. Although on a Nissan Moon Walk 6000 I believe that the legal speed would be around 185 miles per hour, it could be more or it could be less depending on the people who use it at a safe and right way. So at that current speed it will take about two to two and half hours to get from Manteca to Los Angeles. With that car you could travel to any state in the United States at a short time, than a regular car at a given time. What’s great about this car is that it would be able to drive by itself. It’s going to be programmed for whenever the driver doesn’t want to take the wheel the operator would take control and drive for him/her. It’s going to become handy for those that are handicapped, those that are blind, and for any other medical condition that people might have that prevent them from driving. There might be some things that could prevent technology from advancing. One of those things could be not having the right resources. If an engineer doesn’t have the resources he needs it could alter his plans, and the creation of that technology will have to proceed at another time. A war could be the cause of preventing technology from advancing because knowing that there are thousands of engineer in the states, and if those people are in between the age of 18 and 25, and are sent to war they could ended up losing their lives. This could lead the loss of fresh new ideas of creating new technology. As well, for those that ended up dying in cities due to enemy attack, would bring a significant loss of productive ideas for technology.

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