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Have you ever been in a car crash? If you have, were you wearing your seatbelt before you crashed? Seatbelts offer the most protection you get if you get in a car crash. When you’re driving 25 mph, not only is the car going at that speed but so are you. If you happen to crash then you are going to be thrown forward at 25 mph. If you have your seatbelt on, then it stops you from being flung forward. There are many different types of seatbelts. The most common one you see everywhere is a three point seatbelt. Similar to the lap and shoulder, but it is a single continuous length of webbing. Both three-point and lap-and-sash belts help spread out the energy of the moving body in a collision over the chest, pelvis, and shoulders. The three point belt is the standard seat belt for road cars. Volvo introduced the first production three-point belt in 1959. The three point belt was developed by Nils Bohlin who had earlier also worked on ejection seats at Saab. Volvo made the new seat belt design patent open in the interest of safety and made it available to other car manufacturers for free. Another common seatbelt you might have seen is a lap belt. It is a adjustable strap that goes over the waist. It’s used frequently in older cars, now uncommon except in some rear middle seats. Passengers in aircraft seats also use lap seat belts to prevent injuries. Since September 1, 2007, all new cars sold in the U.S. require a lap and shoulder belt in the center rear seat. One you might not have heard of is a belt-in-seat (BIS). The BIS is a three-point where the shoulder belt attachment is to the backrest, not to the b pillar. The first car using this system in the United States was the 1990 Mercedes-Benz SL. Some cars like the Renault Vel Satis use this system for the front seats. This system allegedly is safer in case of rollover, especially with 4-8 years old children, though it can be argued both ways. Chrysler and Cadillac are well-known for using this design. Antique enthusiasts sometimes replace original seats in their cars with BIS-equipped front seats, providing a measure of safety not available when these cars were new. However, modern BIS systems typically use electronics that must be installed and connected with the seats and the vehicle\'s electrical system in order to function properly. How many people know of the five point harness? These are the type of seatbelts mainly found in race cars and child safety seats. They are safer, but more restrictive than most other seat belt types. The lap portion is connected to a belt between the legs and there are two shoulder belts, making a total of five points of attachment to the seat. A 4-point harness is similar, but without the strap between the legs, while a 6-point harness has two belts between the legs. Such harnesses can cause paralysis or other severe injury in a vehicle rollover when retrofitted to vehicles not designed for their installation and not having sufficient strength to prevent roof collapse during rollover and are used mainly in racing. In NASCAR, the 6-point harness became popular after the death of Dale Earnhardt, who was wearing a five-point harness when he suffered his fatal crash ;as it was first thought that his belt had broken, and broke his neck at impact, some teams ordered a six-point harness in response. So there are many different types of seatbelts and each one has one overall purpose, to save someone’s life. Which one do you have? Do you wear your seatbelt?

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