Platonism Evaluation Of The Basics Concepts For The Ideal State Essay

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Darwin who is known as an English naturalist had a scientific theory about people’s origins, which has been refuted by many scientists. Therefore, Darwinism remained as a theory but by some accounts of evolution theory, it became an inspiration and a starting point for much scientific foundation to develop new hypotheses which are important for today. Plato can be considered as a Darwin of philosophy and politics since his ideas about major concepts for ideal state generate an origin for today’s balanced systems. He established one of the most powerful bodies of intellectual work in history and his work is one of the basic sources for today\'s understanding of balanced systems and constitutions. He tried to understand and present the nature of man and observed his characteristics there are not subject to significant change and he presented them generally in the structure of dialogues in the book of Republic which has a special importance to determine the basics of the ideal state. Plato started by evaluating the core concepts for an ideal state. Thus, Plato’s work still is a source of enlightenment for students, philosophers, scientist, and governments even if his \'Ideal State\' is to be viewed too cruel in Republic, one of his seminal works of Plato. Plato\'s work is relevant to the present time, as he and his teacher Socrates tried to identify and explain the core concepts of an individual and a state/city such as justice. Even though understanding those concepts can undergo change throughout time. For example, today’s some constitutional states’ major concepts are mainly based on the discussions that were held by Socrates and other people such as Cephalus, Polemarchus, and Thrasymachus in Plato\'s work. They all tried to offer definition of justice. There are many definitive but deficient claims for justice. For example, one of them put forth by Thrasymachus is that \"justice is the interest of the stronger.\" (Plato 14) Thus, while today there is not any certain and complete definition for justice but there is an understanding of justice. For example there is not a certain definition for justice but there is a general percipience of justice for every balanced state such as Turkish Republic. 1982 Constitution of Turkey has not any definition for justice but the rules stand on justice for instance, in the section where “Characteristics of Republic” are defined. The principles of Turkish Republic are introduced in Subparagraph 1 of Article 2 of the 1982 Constitution. In accordance with this provision “The Republic of Turkey is a democratic, secular and social state governed by rule of law, within the notions of public peace, national solidarity and justice, respecting human rights, loyal to the nationalism of Attürk, and based on the fundamental tenets set forth in the preamble.” (Constitution of Turkish Republic) Many aspects of human life and society have changed over the millennia, but the basic features of the human condition have not. \"Twentieth century philosopher A.E Whitehead gave his assessment of Plato\'s influence saying ;‘the safest general characterization of the Western thought is that it consist of a series of footnotes to Plato.\" (Dobolo) Reading and analyzing Plato\'s work provides awareness about how basics claims can form a bridge between present and ancient Greek time. It is fair to claim that some of the major topics in contemporary thought were taken up by Plato 2300 years ago. Plato created an ideal political system in Republic, despite applying it to existent systems is almost impossible under today\'s circumstances, his ideal state constitute a best example for balanced systems in the history and many countries have balanced/just system by the help of Plato\'s and Socrates\' views which still have political relevance today. Plato was against the Greek Political System as such, he designed his vision of the ideal state based on his theory of human soul. An interesting point in Book V of Republic is the role of women. Greece was a strict patriarchy with no political or property rights for women. Plato describes a political system in which women and men may serve the same roles as guardians and rulers. (Plato 131) From the 18th century, governments, especially of western countries, have been regarding education and political status of women and incorporating women to their regime. For example, In the Republic of Turkey, the principle of equality is expressly stated in the 1982 Constitution in the section where “General Principles” are defined. The principle of equality and the ban on discrimination are introduced in Subparagraph 1 of Article 10 of the 1982 Constitution. In accordance with this provision “All individuals are equal without any discrimination before law, irrespective of language, race, color, sex, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion and sect, or any such consideration.” (Constitution of Turkish Republic) These kinds of regulations, which are especially about fundamental rights of human and freedom, take its source from ancient philosophical views like in Plato\'s work, therefore views and discussions in his work set the ground for present ideologies. In conclusion, although Plato’s works is acceptable old and not updated, his ideas are about core topics for ideal state still apropos today. Plato evaluated basics concepts of political system. He sought answers about the essence of those concepts through the Socratic Method. He argued meaning and sense of the core of the systems which are major and universal concepts like justice, equality, and law which provide one of the qualified sources for today’s political systems. Therefore, when Plato\'s ideas about basics concepts of ideal state are taken into consideration, they are still relevant to the present time. Student of politics, law and who deals with law or politics may read and study Plato\'s work, because in it the basis of competing forms of political systems that exist today.

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