Whats the Big Deal??? Essay

Whats The Big Deal Essay

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Whats the Big Deal? So what if kids grow up with only one or no parents? You don’t see them mopping around and complaining about not having a “normal” household. You see this a lot in Disney characters. Never once have I heard of the kid complaining to their parent that they don’t have a mother or a father. Having only one parent can help a child gain a good sense of independence and self reliance. One point about Disney movies was brought up by Anna Kotowski (2009) she said “Walt Disney first started creating his infamous animated films, a parental figure was probably missing to help children understand that their family life could still be ‘normal’ and have a happy ending”. This is very important. Every kid assumes when they are young that if they don’t have both parents in the same household, that something is either wrong with them or their family is broken. This is something that every parent needs to discuss with their children to let them know that they were not the cause of what happened. Having kids know that there is a happy ending waiting for them can help them gain reassurance that things can get better. This assurance can help kids build up the independence that could help them better find who they are. The movie Lilo and Stitch is a perfect example of knowing that a child can still have a normal and happy life. Despite not having either one of their parents, Lilo and Nani learn that they need each other to get through the tough times and things will be alright no matter what situation arises. Lilo takes this the hardest as she wishes that she could look up to Nani more as a sister rather than a mother. This hardship proves that Lilo can talk to her sister about things that are bothering her even if Nani doesn’t agree with them. Lilo and Nani become the perfect example for kids who have no parents. Even if you don’t have a mother or father you can turn to either a sibling or a friend to help you out. Most if not all people only focus on the negatives of what its like to be a single parent but “one of the positive single parenting effects on children is that when they are raised by one parent their bond and relationship with that parent is generally much stronger” (ADMIN, 2011). This holds very true, because kids learn very fast that they need to only rely on one parent to be there for them. Take Belle from The Beauty and the Beast for example, as Belle is quite independent she still has a strong relationship with her father and would do anything for him no matter what. Belle and her fathers relationship is unbreakable even after he goes missing and is held captive by the Beast. Belle puts her relationship with her father on the line when she is willing to give up herself as the Beasts new prisoner in order to set her father free. This bond between Belle and her father is probably a bond that can only come from having one parent. Another film that shows this special bond is the film Pocahontas. Pocahontas was a strong minded and independent woman which she probably inherited from her father. Pocahontas was a free spirited girl that followed her heart and did what she believed was right, even though this went against everything that her father wanted for her. Her father was very set in his ways and did not want to change them until the very end when Pocahontas admitted to her love for John Smith. This love was inevitable and Pocahontas’s dad just had to accept that. This relationship shows that there is always room for improvement and there is always mending that needs to happen. No matter how independent a person may be there is always going to be a gap in the relationship that could use some fixing. The last relationship that shows the bond that occurs between parents and children is in the movie The Princess and the Frog. This relationship is between Tiana and her mother. This is my favorite relationship, this relationship is very unique. Tiana is a very ambitious, courageous, and caring young girl that only wants the best for her mother and vise versa. Tiana’s mother is very supportive and loving. She is the type of mother who is willing to give up everything to see her daughter achieve her dreams. Tiana goes through a difficult journey in which she finds herself, and makes new friends who teach her that when she follows her heart and listens to the people who care for her, she can achieve anything and everything. This relationship proves that through the love and support given by one parent their child can achieve their dreams that they have set forth for themselves. So what do all of these stories have in common? A happy ending. These happy endings occur wether just one or no parent exist. Kotowski (2009) says that “parents can say that they can’t protect their children their whole lives and that bad things will happen to them, but it shows that no matter what, there is a happy ending”. These happy endings need to be shown to every child who feels like they are lacking something important in there life and need to be told that no matter what something good will always come out of the situation. These situations create “a permanent goodwill and strong relationship between the parent and the child” (Magar, 2013). Whether children are adopted or in foster care, parents should encourage their kids to be independent and to help them gain confidence and better self reliance in themselves. References ADMIN. (2011, August 3). The effects of single parenting on children. Retrieved from singleparentcenter.net Kotowski, A. (2009, May 21). Reasons why many disney main characters do not have mothers. Retrieved from helium.com Magar, P. (2013). Single parenting effects. Retrieved from buzzle.com

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