Differences in Human Relationships Essay

Differences In Human Relationships Essay

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Men and women tend to communicate differently from one another because women communicate more effectively by talking through issues and focusing on how to create a solution that works for the group ;whereas, men are more task-oriented and less talkative. The difference between parents and their children is maturity and age. During the informative years of a child’s life, the parents are their guides and help them to choose between good choices or bad choices. The first piece of literature that will be discussed in this essay is a poem called Psyche with a Candle by Archibald MacLeish that represented the most difficult mystery of love. The second piece of literature that will be examined is a short story called The Veldt by Ray Bradbury which portrayed an appalling, animistic, technologically advanced relationship between the parents and the children. Human relationships have an incredible complexity and variety of reactions which could trigger conflicting responses within a relationship. The poem Psyche with a Candle by Archibald MacLeish explained the most difficult mystery of love through an insightful metaphor expressing the image of a bird in a fist. Basically, this poem possesses two very distinctive topics that describe two contrasting decisions about love. In this paragraph, the bad consequences will be discussed. One choice an individual can adopt is controlling love by force (like holding it in a fist) which, is dreadful and unfair for the person who is pressured and practically commanded to love someone else. A quote from the poem stated “it will stay if you cover it, stay but unknown and invisible.” This quote symbolized how this enactment would remain hidden, unknown and invisible because the individual who is compelling their partner to love them would not want others to become known. This type of abuse in a relationship represents a pattern of behavior that one person uses against another to intimidate them and to get them to do what they want. The perpetrator of this act needs to feel dominance in order to proceed with the relationship. A second decision about love that an individual could make is one can set love free when they’re unsure of their relationship, but they may lose the love. If an individual is questioning whether or not their companion is the right person for them, then the love is generally not mutually genuine. A quote from the poem stated “singing in fervor of the sun and in song vanish.” This quote symbolized when the love is singing in fervor of sun, it is able to be free and mutually passionate and can feel and act the way it wants to. The love can vanish in the song, which is the completion of the act of singing. The journey the individual experiences with another partner and learning from their mistakes with that person is what’s more important rather than jumping right into the statement of love with another individual. One must be entirely sure before reaching the conclusion that they’re in love with another otherwise, the relationship may have to be broken and someone’s feelings could truly be harmed, or the person may make the wrong decision by ending a successful relationship. The second piece of work being discussed is a short story called The Veldt by Ray Bradbury which the parents are alienated from life by a mechanized society that dehumanizes them and their children by controlling too many aspects of their lives. The parents in the short story, George and Lydia Hadley are a friendly, married couple but have become excessively dependant on technological and mechanically advanced devices. A few quotes made by Lydia stated “maybe I don’t have enough to do. Maybe I have time to think too much.” These quotes explained how Lydia felt like she did not belong in such a mechanically advanced home and how she could not compete with the efficiency and speed of the machines. The children in the story, Peter and Wendy Hadley ultimately became completely infatuated with the mechanical devices and spent the majority of their time in the nursery where they could imagine any setting and it would appear on the walls as lifelike. George and Lydia felt irritated and offended by their children’s actions and they would punish them by turning off the nursery for days in an attempt to teach the children that the parents were in control. Turning off the devices only made Wendy and Peter gain hatred and want revenge against their parents because they felt it was unreasonable and biased to control which items they could play with. In conclusion, the children took their animosity out by creating an African safari scene in the nursery which sacrificed their parents as a meal for the lions in the scene, rather than having to forfeit themselves. Parents must be capable of enforcing discipline to develop good methods of modeling character, teaching self-control and acceptable behavior in order to ensure a real life situation like the one in this short story would never, ever occur. People in any sort of relationship tend to influence each other, share their personal thoughts and feelings, and engage in various activities together. Because of this interdependence, most things that change or impact one member of the relationship will have some level of impact on the other. In the poem Psyche with a Candle by Archibald MacLeish explained how if an individual chooses to pressure and constrain their partner to love them, the perpetrator of this act feels dominance is their power to proceed the relationship and would not want others to become known of this sort of abuse. An insight about love is the journey that an individual experiences with a partner and learning from their mistakes during that relationship is what is more important rather than jumping into the statement of love with another while being unsure. In the short story The Veldt by Ray Bradbury the parents ultimately learned that by not enforcing stern discipline, their children developed a negative character, no self-control and unacceptable behavior. What is strange but true is, sometimes children act up just because they are hoping their parents will lay down the law by showing them the choices to make in a situation. Ultimately, relationships and friendships depend on you, not the other person because what matters is what you put into a relationship physically, mentally, and socially, not what you receive in the end. One’s input will determine how long the relationship will last.

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