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My name is Keisha Armstrong. I was born in Jamaica. I am the baby and the only girl of the four children that my parents share. I moved to the ...
In the poem “we wear the mask” and “Nikki- Rosa” the author trying to teach us that don’t wait or don’t trying to be someone else only for be in some group always being yourself. Nobody is going to help you like yourself always trying to pick your real friends no everybody it’s like you or like they show you never trust nobody always trust yourself that’s it’s your only best friend don’t let someone change you only for be
James chong “Personal Statement” 549-85-3841 Jealousy Behind Love Having all the things of this world would be the happiest thing that could ever happen. I will be ...
like them. In “we wear the mask” reminds me one time when I came to this country and everybody was different cultures and different ideas and when they cut classes I always say no but they point you like the weird one or like the nerd one but thanks god I never trying to be someone else to fix in some group that I know that they didn’t going to teach me or follow something good. There an example for
In the poem “we wear the mask� and “Nikki- Rosa� the author trying to teach us that don’t wait or don’t trying to be someone else only for be in ...
a good friends any good friend trying to make you fallow bad ways. Another example from this poem it’s the person with two faces who tell you it’s your friend but behind you troughs you bad thing. In “Nikki -Rosa” reminds me one time when I was alone and one of my friends known it and she tell everyone in school what problem I have in that moment and it was confident and she tell everyone in school I feel
This Is Me
I am a frat guy. I live in a frat house. I go to frat parties. I fight. I especially like to fight independents. If independents were cool, they would ...
so sad and bad or when you tell someone that you said you think someone is listen to you and you trust them but you don’t really know who you telling your secrets. Always trying to do your stuff or if you have problems never trying to think that they are really friend always trying to trust people who you knew that they are trust people. Never get stuck because you don’t know what to do always continue for what
Florida wasn’t that bad, in fact it was a lot of fun. We got free passes to the Magic Kingdom, a bunch of us had a lot of fun, and ...
you think it’s correct for you. In conclusion, always being yourself and never trying to do thing to pleasure someone else always do what you think its correct. Another think it’s that always when you think you can’t resolve your problem always trust yourself and do what you think its correct never do think for another person. On October 27, 2008 I received a life changing phone call: My uncle told me I would finally be coming to the United
This is my Life Well I guess this is an autobiography about me, written by me, so I will try to make it as boring as I can ...
States. I’ve waited eight years to come to New York, and I was finally going to rejoin my family, I couldn’t believe it. In 2001, due to different life circumstances I was separated from my mom. I was raised by my grandmother in a very caring and strict fashion. She taught me rules, obedience and to always finish what I started, and above all to always have a loving and generous heart.
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