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In the poem “we wear the mask” and “Nikki- Rosa” the author trying to teach us that don’t wait or don’t trying to be someone else only for be in some group always being yourself. Nobody is going to help you like yourself always trying to pick your real friends no everybody it’s like you or like they show you never trust nobody always trust yourself that’s it’s your only best friend don’t let someone change you only for be like them. In “we wear the mask” reminds me one time when I came to this country and everybody was different cultures and different ideas and when they cut classes I always say no but they point you like the weird one or like the nerd one but thanks god I never trying to be someone else to fix in some group that I know that they didn’t going to teach me or follow something good. There an example for a good friends any good friend trying to make you fallow bad ways. Another example from this poem it’s the person with two faces who tell you it’s your friend but behind you troughs you bad thing. In “Nikki -Rosa” reminds me one time when I was alone and one of my friends known it and she tell everyone in school what problem I have in that moment and it was confident and she tell everyone in school I feel so sad and bad or when you tell someone that you said you think someone is listen to you and you trust them but you don’t really know who you telling your secrets. Always trying to do your stuff or if you have problems never trying to think that they are really friend always trying to trust people who you knew that they are trust people. Never get stuck because you don’t know what to do always continue for what you think it’s correct for you. In conclusion, always being yourself and never trying to do thing to pleasure someone else always do what you think its correct. Another think it’s that always when you think you can’t resolve your problem always trust yourself and do what you think its correct never do think for another person. On October 27, 2008 I received a life changing phone call: My uncle told me I would finally be coming to the United States. I’ve waited eight years to come to New York, and I was finally going to rejoin my family, I couldn’t believe it. In 2001, due to different life circumstances I was separated from my mom. I was raised by my grandmother in a very caring and strict fashion. She taught me rules, obedience and to always finish what I started, and above all to always have a loving and generous heart. Coming to New York was a very exciting experience. To see the building lights through the plane window, the different people, the different weather. I have to admit that I was scared, but everything changed when I saw my family waiting for me at the airport, at that point leaving my country didn’t seem so difficult anymore. I knew that I was about to begin my new life. New York is completely different from Ecuador, and different from what I thought it would be. My idea of New York came from the movies and shows I used to watch on tv. I thought I would come here and have a big house and be rich like everybody else, that I would be going to a school where I will know and talk to everybody. I was really surprised to find out that most of the people live in really small apartments, that I have to go through a metal detector every morning in order to attend my classes and that sometimes I am not able to fully listen to the teacher due to disrespectful classmates. All these changes weren’t an obstacle for me ;it actually helped me to push myself even further to do best in order to change my new reality. I had to learn English from scratch and this make me appreciated what most American-born kids don’t: the US is a land of opportunities that you have to grab and don’t let go. I want to be different and I want to fulfill my American dream: be a professional for my mom and myself. In order to fulfill my dream I am giving my full potential, trying to always keep my average above 80 in spite of the language barrier. I want to make my mom proud by becoming what she couldn’t because she had me at a young age. I want to be able to be on my own, not to depend on anybody, be able to take my own decisions and with it be able to help people. I want to become a physician assistant, my career choice was inspired by my aunt ;she is a medical doctor here in New York even though she studied in Ecuador. I always saw her being constant and never gave up while trying achieving her goals. I considered myself a good listener, generous and hardworking. I have the ability to encourage my friends to achieve their goals ;I don’t like to see people failed, including myself. I would like to be able to have enough knowledge to help people in need. I know that I have the drive and willingness necessary to be a great professional and if given the right tools, which I know I can acquire in college, I would excel in any field I decide to follow.

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