Same-Sex Marriage Persuasive Essay Essay

Same Sex Marriage Persuasive Essay Term paper

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How would a person feel if their rights were suddenly violated? What if, instead of homosexuals being under the knife for their sexual orientation, it was heterosexuals? Being homosexual is just as natural as being heterosexual, and saying that homosexuals do not deserve the same rights as everyone else is just as bad as every other prejudice out there. Some will continue to be judged unfairly and bullied, and the opinions of anti-gay heterosexuals won’t change. However, the opinions of other people are not the problem. According to, the topic of same-sex marriage was brought to the states’ attention in the 90s, but the majority of the states went against the possibility. For years, people have been using God as an excuse for prejudice. Nevertheless, it is common knowledge to everyone who worships God that all people were created in God’s image. However, the government being involved in the marriage business is down-right unnecessary. The government shouldn’t have a say in whether or not same-sex couples should be allowed to marry because of false religion, inconsistency, and poor tactics. In the eyes of the government, marriage is secular. Even though the topic of same-sex marriage is usually turned into a religious debate whenever it’s brought up, the government should take a step back and allow the individual churches to do what they wish. Churches across the country should have complete control over who gets married in their churches, based on their own personal beliefs. Making same-sex marriage legal in specific states is ridiculous and is not effective. According to, the number of same-sex couples getting married continues to increase. It’d be simple for a couple to make a vacation out of their wedding and travel to one of the states that have legalized same-sex marriage, just to get
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