Why Homosexuality is Abnormal Essay

Why Homosexuality Is Abnormal Term paper

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Why Homosexuality is Abnormal” Michael Levin Levin gives two claims to support his views of homosexuality. Homosexuality is abnormal, therefore it is undesirable. Levin also gives explanation to why unhappiness is tied to the misuse of body parts. Levin uses Theory of Natural Selection as a foundation to prove his claim that the misuse of body parts is abnormal and it is directly correlated with unhappiness. Nature has a specific function for everybody part, the proper use of body parts leads to happiness and the misuse of a body part leads to unhappiness. He mentions as an example, one of the functions of a penis is to ejaculate semen in to a vagina to produce offspring and further the gene pool. Nature has consequently made this use of the penis rewarding and a cause of happiness. When a homosexual uses the penis in a way that contradicts nature, they have unfulfilled desires and leave no descendents, which untimely causes unhappiness. Levin claims this is why homosexuality is abnormal. Levin also comments, “that creatures who do not enjoy using parts of the bodies as deteriorate with disuse will tend to be selected out.” He is again supporting his claim that Natural Selection will take it evolutionary process and remove these homosexuals from the gene pool and this removal will cause unhappiness. Finally, after Levin had adequately proven his claims he went on to say, since the misuse of body parts will tend to lead to unhappiness then homosexuality leads to unhappiness, therefore we should discourage homosexuality.

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