Similarities Between the Islam, Christian, and Jewish Religion Essay

Similarities Between The Islam Christian And Jewish Religion Essay

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Have you ever wondered what the difference was between Christianity, Judaism and Islam? Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all major religions. They all have a holy book, and strong beliefs about their God. All of these religions were formed long ago. There are many similarities between all of them.

Judaism helped form Christianity. Long ago, before Jesus was born, Judaism was the main belief in the Middle East. Jesus formed a new religion called Christianity with help from God. Then in A.D. 570 Muhammad formed Islam. Jewish people (Jews) holy book is the Torah. They believe that God gave them the Ten Commandments through Moses. Abraham founded this religion and helped spread it. Like Christians, Jews fast at certain times of the year.

Christianity is the most popular religion in the world. The top-selling book every year is almost always the bible. A Jew named Jesus spread Christianity. Christians believe in the Ten Commandments through Jesus like the Jews do. The holy book for Christians is the bible.

A person named Muhammad founded Islam in A.D. 570. The holy book for Islam's is the Quran. "Allah" is the Islamic word for God. Islam's have five pillars that they follow, which our kind of like the Ten Commandments. The five pillars tell you when to pray and worship Allah.

I think that understanding that we all believe in one God, a holy book, and a list of things expected from us is very important. If everyone understood that our religions today would not be what they are if they weren't influenced by many other religions, then I think we might stop having wars over religions! I believe that it is important that we respect others religions. If everyone just sat down for a second and thought about how all religions are alike, we would all have a better understanding of each other.

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