What is Life? Essay

What Is Life Essay

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Have you ever thought what is life! Have .. you… ever..? ok its all of us who live it and its all of us who know it with our experience! When we were child…. We had chums.. we were care free and still we were busy a lot. Of course it was our sports only. Every time we were thinking of it and with chums doing it. How beautiful were those days. Still we were not satisfied! We saw our elders who were enough capable of doing big works at their own wits and we had to seek their permission for doing any thing. Did we like it! Probably not. We wanted to grow older and take steps ourselves. We did not like those days. Later we grew in to teen age. We starting taking small steps on our own steps. We made many wrong and were corrected by our parents. On several steps we did not want their interference. Still we had to accept as we were small enough enough to resist. Hence we did not like our phase. We wanted to grow older and be of that age and status that we could operate on our own wish. We approached 18. we were adult now. We thought now we are as equal to any adult. Even we started taking our independent steps and happily there were no interference in our business. This was the phase probably we wanted. .. but… what happened?…. all of a sudden we were handed to fulfil several responsibilities which earlier our parents were doing. This did not impressed the newly adult. He hated these which were new responsibilities and started this is too difficult! I was happy in my child hood when I had nothing to handle and I was carefree. What is the matter? No one seems satisfied with him? Where is the flaw! What is the solution to this coinfusion? Is this an endless story? …Is this life! ….. I guess no! then? … ok its your turn.. lets discuss it! Ok.. start.. I waiting for ur reply.

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