Of Love Essay

Of Love Essay

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Of Love
Feeble I, sick of life, stranded, in the youth of sins
Went down the abyss of sorrow's sea like a fish with no fins,
Deeper into dark, not a thing to see, to the land of no return
No sparkle of light, no signs of hope, no touch to learn

To my rescue then, some light and a force dragged me out
Wondered I what it was, 'twas love that hauled me out
Sweet seemed love, its touch great pleasure like eternal bliss
Its apparent bliss, realized not I, was an infernal kiss

With love I cuddled up hoping joy, as to what it is
Like the serpent pairs coiled cuddle up for a kissing hiss
Love's warm hold, gradually, felt I strangling me
Caressing turned grappling, bliss a struggle, its touch thorny

Of the dark sea out, love deserted me, in the desert of life
Love is a folly, platonic or secular, a conflict, a strife
Love to life what to eyes is the sharp tip of a knife
Love to sorrow is what to a husband his beloved wife

Love, no contrary of hate, but the very world of hate
Wealth lost, health too, bad times, loves he who ill his fate
Than a damned Lucifer's, far worse is the pain of love's grief
Domineers all life, lingers long, though love so short and brief.

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