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Have you heard of sex before? I'm sure you have simply because it is a human part of life. Sex is natural and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it whatsoever. You often hear of the "birds and the bees" and how reproduction is the point of life. Is sex made for more than that? Answer: ABSOLUTELY!!!(in my opinion) I believe sex is merely for married people who love one another and know what they are doing. Those who are married for such a commitment-eternity is quite along time,well not forever, but long enough to die with eachother. Marriage is made for those who are not afraid to commit, not afraid to make promises simply because they are not afraid to keep them. They are ready for anything that is dealt at them. Sex is made for those ready for marriage. Premarital sex is not the answer to love. Babies grown up in a situation where mommy and daddy aren't responsible enough to take care of their young. Sex is awesome. Why not wait for the right one?

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Sex essay
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