The Pathfinder Essay

The Pathfinder Essay

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Pathfinder is a very interesting and complex character. He is a leading personality in this book and he has many views on different things. I am going to discuss several aspects of him such as his philosophy of life, his views on gifts , and how they apply to his world. Pathfinder has a very interesting philosophy of life. He believes that you can be a good Christian even if you don t have the chance to go to church or perform rituals. He believes that wherever you are, especially the wilderness, you have the opportunity to serve G-D. For example, when he is discussing the differences of being a sailor and a soldier with Cap on page 25, he says, Our lakes are bordered by the forests, and one is every day called upon to worship G-D in such a temple. He basically said in that sentence that even in the wilderness, every man is called on to serve G-D in any way he can. Later, Mabel says that men from the wilderness don t have some of the bad qualities of people from towns on page 86. Pathfinder responded, And so I have ende vored to worship garrison-fashion, but could never raise within me the solemn feelings and true affection that I feel when alone with G-D in the forest. There I seem to stand face to face with my Master ;all around me is fresh and beautiful, as it came from his hand, and there is no nicety or doctrine to chill the fellin s. No, no ;the woods are the true temple, after all, for there the thoughts are free to mount higher even than the clouds. Here Pathfinder reconfirms that he prefers to worship in the forest, since that is where he can truly experience the work of G-D in its finest. Pathfinder also believes that everything in the world has its place. He says that everything was put on this Earth for a reason, and that the validity of the existence of creatures should not be questioned. He says on page 74, If Injins are of no use, Injins would not have been created. It is comparable to when Dovid HaMelech asked why spiders were created. When he was running from Shaul, he hid in a cave, and a spider quickly spun a web so that they wouldn t find him. Then he realized that everything had its place. Pathfinder also has a unique view on gifts . He believes that people are given certain gifts, and that they should stick with them and develop them. He said on page 89, In my judgment, every man is to be esteemed or condemned according to his gifts. He also believes that people should do things based on their gifts. He said on page 43, We know too well a woman s gifts to think of carrying the sergeant s daughter over the falls. They apply to his world since in the wilderness, it is every man for himself, and you need to know your gifts so you can survive. Pathfinder has different views than the Big Sarpent and Cap. Cap prefers villages and churches for worship, while Pathfinder prefers the wilderness. Sarpent has a different outlook on life, as Pathfinder prefers not to waste blood without a purpose, the Sarpent goes after his enemies with brutal force.

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