Hannibal Of Carthage Essay

Hannibal Of Carthage Essay

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Hannibal of Carthage: The Father of Strategy Through out history there have been many great military leaders, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Generals Washington, Grant and Charles Lewis Puller. The one however that sticks out the most is General Hannibal of Carthage. Often called the Father of Strategy his march over the Alps is one of the most famous attacks in military history. Hannibal beat the Roman Army time and time again before in suicide in 183 BC. Hannibal was born 247 BC, the son of Hamilcar Barca, the current General of the Carthaginian Army. Hannibal s training as a military leader began at the age of nine when he went to Spain to be with his father. At Hamilcar s request Hannibal pledged an oath of hate towards the Roman Empire because of Carthages lost to the Romans in the First Punic War (261-241 BC). After Hamilcar's death in 228 BC, Hannibal s brother in law, Hasdrubal, assumed command of the Carthaginian Army. Seven years, in 221BC, Hasdrubal was assassinated. In those years, during Hasdrubal s command, Hannibal was the main officer to carry out all of Hasdrubal s plans. Hannibal was the unanimous choice to lead the Carthaginian Army. Hannibal sought to extend the Carthage domain further in Spain. By 219 he had reached the Ebro River and controlled all south of that but the city of Saguntum, an ally of Rome. Despite strong warnings form Rome Hannibal attacked Saguntum and after eight months of battle, he controlled the city. The Romans saw this as a violation of the existing treaty between Rome and Carthage and demanded the surrender of Hannibal. When Carthaginian government did not hand over Hannibal for his actions, the Romans declared war, also know as the Second Punic War. With a new war upon him, Hannibal conjured up a plan of attack. He evaded a Roman force that was sent to intercept him. In October of 218 BC, he crossed the Rhone river and ventured into what made him so famous. Snow was already on the high passes of the Alps. Hannibal started his march across the Alps with 40,000 men along with a calvary and a large number of war elephants carrying supplies. After the crossing only 26,000 of his troops were still alive due to the harsh weather and skirmishes with the local tribes. To make up for his losses, Hannibal recruited Gallic people of Northern Italy. In December 218 BC Hannibal got victories
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