Death Of A Toad Essay

Death Of A Toad Essay

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The Death of a Toad Style Analysis Richard Wilbur, the speaker in this poem, uses a stream of structure, syntax, diction, and imagery characterized by a patchwork of present thoughts, feelings, and sensory perceptions to reveal rather vividly a horrific scene of death. It is rather simple to gain a sense of the attitudes he has of the death of the toad by piecing together the random details of all the things that actually occurs and in the settings that they occur. The structure of this poem helps the reader understand the speaker s conflicting feelings. It is divided into three stanzas, with each stanza containing six lines. The stanzas almost exhibit the shape of a diamond and the second line always juts out on the right. It is possible that Wilbur is trying to draw with his words, an image of the toad with only one leg, of which the leg being the second line of each stanza sticking out beyond all other lines. The passage of time is short but gives a feeling of development of an entire story of the toad s corpse as it lies placidly under the cineraria leaves, in the shade . The final stanza describing the last moments of the day helps the reader feel the speaker s desire to see the toad as it comes to its fruition of life. Like most other poems, the first letter of every line is capitalized. The words sticking outmost on the left within the three stanzas are capitalized and play a major role in linking the rest of the words in that stanza. Day is capitalized and is a transition word for that last stanza. It alliterates with its acts of dwindle and drowning so that to show to the speaker the aging of time. Throughout the poem, the reader finds that Wilbur s placement of punctuation next to every rhyming word contrasts vividly the deep path after death and the etched surroundings at this toad s burial site. Death is initial after the power motor has caught the toad. Darkness can be alluded to death ;therefore, the toad lies in a dim, glade. The toad, as any with any other dead thing, lies as still as stone. The commas used after these words freeze everything that is said before of what is happening to the frog while the lines after these words explain and support the word at the pause. The diction and imagery presented by the author is that the death of the toad does not bring peace and happiness to the garden verge or to the magnificent Amphibia s emperies. He mentions an undercurrent of sadness. Lines 7-8 illustrate the heartsblood flowing in the gutters - a word that shows no hope. One has no hope of getting a fallen ring out of the gutter, nor does he have the hope of winning once his bowling ball rolls into the gutter. Furthermore, the speaker s imagery in lines 11-14 contrasts the tranquility of death with the vivid motion of life in the seas. The toad dies to the pleasure of the speaker attentively with deep monotone. It is apparent that a melancholic tone colors this entire poem. The reality of death is not as splendid a vision as it is after it is gained. The toad, the speaker seems to believe, is rich in environmental pleasures from the garden where it once was rich with life. The death did not add to the genuine emotion of times past: they replaced it. The author appears to contemplate this fact, experience remorse over it, and wonders of what is now missing in the lawn. He doesn t accuse anyone of wrongdoing in death via lawnmower. He merely recalls the richness of days past with a mingling of zest and ribbits.

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