Hinduism Essay

Hinduism Essay

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Hinduism Hinduism was developed in India and is one of the largest religions in the world. Over centuries Hinduism has spread to Africa, Southeast Asia and England. Around six hundred and fifty million people practice Hinduism. Not only does it have a gigantic number of believers, it has greatly influenced many other religions. Over four thousand years, the Hindu s have been controlled by outside forces. It is a rather large surprise that they have survived this long. Despite all of the problems of modernization, Hindus have had to overcome, Hindus are thriving today. The Hindu religion is very complicated because each person has a different belief. There are hundreds of minor gods, however some are more popular than others. There are many temples where priests perform rituals. Inside the temples, goats are sacrificed on special occasions. There are also many shrines. Hinduism is a very complex religion that can hardly be summarized in a paper.

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