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Things Fall Apart Essay # 2 In the novel, Things Fall Apart Chiuna Achebe uses irony, which is the contrast between appearance and reality. It is ironic that Enzinma is a girl rather than a boy. Enzinma is the daughter to Okonkwo and his second wife Ekwefi. Enzinma is very special because of the ten children that Ekewfi had all of them died except Enzinma. She was a fighter from the beginning like her father. Okonkwo admires the way Enzinma does things. She and Okonkwo are very similar in there thinking they are both strong and fearless. When Enzinma would bring her father meals she would seat and listen to him. They has a very special bond. If Enzinma was a boy she would of carried on the high standing that Okonkwo had, but because she is a girl she does not have that power. It is irony because the child who is supposed to carry on the families legacy is Nwoye, Okonkwo s eldest son. He is the total opposite of Okonkwo, he is weak like his grandfather Unoka. Okonkwo disliked his father because he was lazy, weak, and had no position in the village of Umuofia. Even though Okonkwo never states that he wishes Enzinma was a boy, you can tell he does through there realtionship and the personalities that they both carry. Okonkwo would never want to have another member in his family like his father and he has been given that through Nwoye. If Enzinma was a boy Okonkwo would know that his family would be stable for generations to come.

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