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Paradise Lost John Milton is considered to be one of the greatest Writers of all time. In the epic poem Paradise Lost, Milton divides the characters into two sides, one side under God representing good and glory, and the other side under Satan, in representation of all evil. First Milton introduces the reader to the character Satin and his allegiance of fallen angels that aided in his revolt against God. Later in the poem the all-powerful God is introduced to the reader, he is known as the leader and creator of mankind. This levy of good vs. evil carries on throughout the poem with the interaction of Satan and his fallen angels with God and his son of Heaven. The interaction between good and evil in the poem represents the decisions in life that we all have to make, and we see this through the actions of Satan and God. The common representation of sin and evil came from the lead character in the battle against God, Satan. His name means enemy of God , he was the former high angel form Heaven named Lucifer. Satan became jealous of God and Heaven, he formed an allegiance of angels to battle against God, only to be banned form Heaven and cast into Hell. Satan was the type of person that would rather reign in Hell than serve in Heaven. Much of Satan s reliance on getting things accomplished came from his ability to lie and deceive. He had to hide his true identity in order to get people to follow and believe in him. Satan showed the reader a large amount of anger and destructiveness when he planned his revenge on God. Satan found pleasure in the pain and destruction of people among other things. It is clear the feelings and views of Satan represent evil and destruction. Milton introduced the reader to good and virtue by introducing God himself. God is the true symbol of all that is good in the world. God is the creator of mankind and was able to keep control with his mighty powers. God was surrounded by the holy light that is so utterly powerful that he was unable to be approached. The mighty powers of God showed his true ability to be the ruler that fights only for the well being of good and virtue in Heaven and Paradise. God is the true and only representation of all that is good in glory. The mighty powers of God laid out the entire outcome of the poem to the reader, showing grace and virtue overcoming all evil. I believe that the choice that we all have to follow in life is to choose between good and evil. It seems that the easy choice to pick is evil, because something good is always hard to find. It is much more intriguing to follow rather than to be the leader. When one is a follower the path which they take is not determined by them but by the people they walk behind. If we are not introduced to God and glory then we do not know right from wrong. Just as the people believed in and followed sin until grace was introduced to them. I believe that it is essential to introduce God and all his glory to children at an early age. By doing this they have the ability to choose the path in life which they will take and know the right steps to walk down while being protected with the holy light. Thus if one follows the light paradise will be discovered. Paradise is not a physical thing that one can touch or see. It is found within one s self. In order for someone to find paradise they must look inside themselves and figure out what they really want in life. If one looks deep enough glory and God will arise and paradise will be discovered. Throughout John Milton s epic poem Paradise Lost, the reader is able to see a contrast between evil and good. This contrast is present in Milton s time and is also a major factor in the world today. The one choice has a life long effect is dependent on your ability to believe. One must believe that glory is the path to follow and God will be the only person to follow. If the light is present then the life which God has chosen for you well arise and the only steps present to follow are the steps toward Heaven.

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