The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kr Essay

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The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kr
The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz The novel Duddy Kravitz is based in Montreal, Canada during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The key features of the work by ...
The Effect of the Social Environment on Duddy Kravitz in Mordecal Richler s The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz Throughout the years, the social environment has found ways to poison the mind, and the only way to be free from its corrupt outcomes is isolation. In the novel, The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, the development of Duddy s character is dramatically impacted through his interactions with various people in his social environment including his co-workers, his friends, and his
The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kr
The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz written by Mordical Richler introduces a very complex character. Through the study of this novel one finds themselves feeling several different emotions towards Duddy Kravitz. ...
family. As the story line develops Duddy s character becomes overwhelmed with determination to succeed, and stress. Some of his anxiety is brought on by the conditions under which he works with his co-workers, John Friar, Yvette and Virgil. Duddy is very reliant on Mr. Friar because the outcome of his business depends on the quality of the films Mr. Friar produces. Duddy s business was almost short lived when Mr. Friar left without telling anyone, leaving Duddy in a panic state. His inconsiderate actions nearly gave Duddy a nervous breakdown as scene when he says, I ll kill him. If he ruins this film I ll break every bone in his body. (201 Richler) Yvette and Virgil influenced Duddy in a more reassuring way in which they assisted in relieving his stress, and building his confidence. Yvette was always there to catch Duddy when he was feeling depressed, or to help him out in times of dire misfortune. We can see in what ways she helped out Duddy when she said, Why don t you just come out with it and ask me if you can stay. (227 Richler) Yvette aided Duddy to see the good side of things and she tried to convince Duddy that happiness did not always with fame and riches. Virgil on the other hand helped Duddy realize that dreams are worth fighting for and giving up was never the right thing to do. After Virgil s accident Duddy became depressed and his whole life started to fall apart before his eyes. He was actually thinking about surrendering to his dream and forgetting the land until Virgil said, You see, it was a blessing in disguise. (274 Richler) Duddy becomes inspired by what Virgil had to say and begins his fight for the land with a new vengeance. Furthermore Duddy s mannerism is impacted in a large way through his involvement with his friends. Both Mr. Cohen and the Boy Wonder (Mr. Dingleman) played a negative portrayal in the conception of Duddy s character. The stories of the Boy Wonder encouraged Duddy to strive for success in the wrong way. His way of obtaining success is to smuggle drugs across the board to sell for a high price. Dinglemen affected Duddy when he was swindled into bringing heroine across the American boarder. Even though Duddy didn t realize at first what he had done, when he did, he became angry and conceived a plan to blackmail Dinglemen. Duddy s attempt to blackmail the Boy Wonder is shown when he says, I opened the suitcase in the toilet. I took some of the heroine out. I ve still got it. (285 Richler) From this quote we can see how Dingleman s ways of success has corrupted Duddy s innocent way of life and has left a permanent
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