Of Mice And Men Movie Essay

Of Mice And Men Movie Essay

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Very few characters inhabit the world of Of Mice and Men. John Steinbeck s 1937 novel is centered only around two wandering ranch hands, Lennie and George and their struggle to realize the modest dream of owning a home. While the complicated relationship that exists between the two main characters and their intense focus on achieving this dream is continually reflected upon throughout the story, the other ranch hands they encounter are never really scrutinized. They emerge as symbols, outlines of human character and tend to become more meaningful as types rather than individuals. They are all essentially features of Steinbeck s grand allegory of American society. Gary Sinise s film version of this novel brought life to some of these minor characters and although they remained stagnant, their important contributions and connections to the main characters were clarified. In the novel, George playfully compares lead rancher Slim to Jesus Christ. John Terry incorporated a very godly acting style in his portrayal of Slim. Terry is tall, thin, and quiet man, matching the description of Slim. In the film, his actions were majestic. He always appeared to absorb what was being said to him with a greater share of consciousness. He looked through and beyond people and his voice actually seemed to invite confidence. Actually witnessing George look up to this man throughout the film, gives a tangible picture of what George hopes to become by owning his own farm. Played by Ray Walston, Candy, the ancient and gnarled ranch hand, is the principle misfit in the film. He suffers great discrimination because of his age. After a life of service, Candy has just $300 to his name, and $250 of that total he received because his hand was cut off. He doesn't have any more body parts to use as insurance to protect him in his old age. Ray Walston truly embodies this role. He appears to be extremely haggard and in a constant state of concern. His facial expressions were very similar to those of George (played by Gary Sinise.) Throughout the film, the camera and shows these two character s pause in very deep thought. These scenes revealed a connection I had not realized in reading the novel. George and Candy are both linked through concern for their partner. Candy is the only character besides George to have a partner. His friend and longtime companion is his dog. He understands, much like George does, that his partnership is doomed to fail. There are several associations between George and Candy and Lennie and Candy's dog. Both George and Candy state that they have no relatives. Each is upset by the prospect of being all alone, and yet each participates in the death of his partner. Candy gives his consent to kill the dog and regrets only that he didn't shoot the dog himself. George does shoot his "dog", using the same gun and same method that was used for Candy's dog. Sinise, as a director, emphasized the description of this method clarifying the parallel between the shootings of the dog and Lennie: Partnerships are never permanent in the world of ranch hands. Whatching Of Mice and Men after reading the novel was an incredibly beneficial expirience. I was never able to

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