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Our Court At Work I decided to do an essay over the criminal courts from a slightly different point of view. Many people see the courts wheels in action on television when they read a verdict, and for many they watched the trial of the century on TV when O.J. Simpson was found not guilty ;however, there are many things that happen most people still never hear about or just do not understand when they do. I decided to do
Death Penalty - Murder In Disguise
Death Penalty: Murder in Disguise?The American Heritage Dictionary defines capital punishment as "the penalty of death for the commission of crime." The death sentence has been applied since ...
the essay from the police officers point of view and follow it through the lengthy court battle to the final out come. I work as a police officer in the down town area and have been assigned this beat for two years. On June 13, 1995 my partner and myself were patrolling the Central Business District when we received a disturbance call at approximately 4:17 PM from the dispatcher at the corner of Commerce and Industrial St. in Dallas.
"Death Penalty: Murder In Disguise?"
The American Heritage Dictionary defines capital punishment as "the penalty of death for the commission of crime." The death sentence has been applied since ancient times as punishment for ...
We were advised that one person had been stabbed and that two other people were believed to have weapons. We responded to the call and arrived in about two minutes. Once out, we found that several witnesses had held the suspect at the scene by tackling him and holding him to the ground. The complainant was stabbed once in the right side, once in the left chest, and sustained several lacerations to the face, hands, and arms. My
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partner interviewed the witnesses while I got medical attention for the complainant and asked him what happened in the attack. The complainant stated to me that he had entered a Dart bus and sat down about three seats from the front. He said the suspect was setting two seats in front of him, when all of a sudden the suspect started yelling and screaming about something and stood up in the ell. Once the suspect was standing he picked
Capital Punishment
Why Capital Punishment Should be Abolished Unlike popular belief, the death penalty does not act as a deterrent to criminals. As stated by Alfred Blumstein, "Expert after expert and study ...
up a brown paper bag from the seat and pulled out a 40 oz. bottle of Miller beer and busted the bottle on the metal railing across the back of his seat. He then started to attack the complainant with the broken bottle stabbing him twice and causing several lacerations. The complainant stated he rides this bus every day on his way home from work and has never seen this person before. He was treated for the lacerations at
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the scene by Dallas paramedics and was transported to Parkland Hospital for the stab wounds. My partner returned to the patrol car with the suspect whom he had placed under arrest for aggravated assault and had much the same story from the witness. I read the suspect his Maranda warning before asking him any questions regarding the assault. He stated he understood his rights and answered the questions. He told us where the broken bottle was located. The Suspect stated
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he just did not like the way the complainant looked at him. We gathered information from the witnesses and were able to recover the suspects weapon from the inside of the Dart bus. The driver of the bus stated the complainant had ridden the bus every day for over a year and she had never seen the suspect on the bus before. The suspect was transported to Lew Sterrett County Jail ;however once we reached the jail the suspect
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had to be fingerprinted to see if he had ever been arrested in Dallas before. We had to do this before he could be booked into jail because the suspect had no good identification on him. The I.D. tech. was able to find the suspect in the jails fingerprint file and found the suspect had not only lied about his name but he was also wanted for several felony charges which he had skipped bail on in the past.
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Once we had the suspect s name he was booked into jail on a third degree felony charge of aggravated assault and the previous warrants. My partner and I completed the paper work and tagged
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