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Paradise Lost is an expression of John Milton s own political, religious and philosophical views as it is a timeless universal epic. John Milton s Paradise Lost does not present a unified, cohesive theory of Christian theology. Rather it reflects the eclectic views of a self-righteous poet whose poem has become a universal epic. Out of the twelve books that make up Paradise Lost, my passage is found in the first book known as The Fall of Satan. The first book introduces the theme of the entire poem, introduces us to Satan and the fallen angels, and tells us that we are reading an epic poem. By explaining the external elements, internal elements and commentary in The Fall of Satan from Paradise Lost, Satan reveals his true darkness. The passage that I ve chosen consists of 13 lines from 157 - 169 on page 445 found in the Elements of Literature, Sixth Course. The structure of the passage is typical because of its style, tone, and format. Various types of punctuation the author uses are: commas, quotation marks, colon, and a semicolon. The author uses enjambment because each line doesn t pause or break causing one stanza to another to flow. Unusual capitalization used by the author can be found on the first and last lines. The external elements help understand the structure of the passage. Internal elements are another step to get down to the depth of the passage. Many unknown words have significant meanings to it. The word Cherub that is capitalized means angel of second order, which is indicated to Beelzebub, Satan s second hand in command. Pervert has multiple meanings but Satan uses that word to lead away somebody from good. God, who is victorious after the battle between him and the fallen angels, is angered by Satan s actions, which he is defined as an angry Victor. Repetition of words used is good and evil. The setting in the poem occurs in heaven and hell. A battle has just been fought between God and the fallen angels. Satan and his followers are punished by being sent down into the lakes of fire known as hell. The tone of the passage expresses anger, confidence, encouragement, and leadership. It expresses anger because Satan has been punished by being sent down to an everlasting pit of hell where he will stay there for eternity. As he speaks to his doubtful second hand in command, Milton uses commas to express Satan s feelings. The commas can be related to like a rage of storm coming from Satan. It just comes one after the other continuously. While Satan may not be the hero of Paradise Lost, Milton establishes him as its main character, and is the most complex and detailed of Milton s portraits. His unrepentant evil nature is enticing. Even though he is cast down in defeat he does not consider changing his ways. As a leader, he has no doubt about God s power causing him to have confidence in himself and with that he encourages his followers to make the best out of everything no matter what the outcome is. In lines 157 160, Satan explains to Beelzebub that we shouldn t be weak because its miserable and the best way to make out of the situation is to never to good but to do bad because it will delight them. Throughout the passage, Satan is making the best out of everything because he knows that in the end, God will overcome evil and good will reign. The word evil and good are repeated several times. It is reminding the reader that when there s good, there s also evil. Evil is resembled as darkness in the light. Light is God who will always shine upon the dark. My central purpose reveals that Satan s pride blinds him from the truth. Satan is the darkness against the light, the e in evil or just a fallen angel. The fallen angels regret what has happened but their fearless leader doesn t. Even though he has lost and knows that his evil reign won t last forever, I believe that he can be considered as a hero in the dark. He fights bravely with superhuman powers in the wrong side. As he explains to Beelzebub in the passage, he wishes to pervert God s will and find a way to make evil out of good. Maintaining this belief takes a lot of self-esteem because the battle has just demonstrated God s power, and the fallen angels could not even have lifted themselves off the lake unless God allowed it. God only allowed it because he intends to turn their evil actions towards a greater good in the end. Satan s pride has caused him to believe that his own free intellect is as great as God s will ;the mind is its own place, and in itself Can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven. ( Lines 254-255 )

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