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Socrates vs Thoreau
Having read both Crito and Civil Disobedience there are several conspicuous similarities as well as notable differences. Both of these documents deal with the government and how the people should ...
The main difference between Socrates and Thoreau was the their views on the relationship between people and government. Socrates believed that the people are work for the government. They are supposed to obey the orders of the government and serve the government to the best of their abilities. On the contrary, Thoreau believed that the people shouldn t do everything the government says. He thought that the government did only bad things such as slavery and wars, and that people
Emerson Vs.Thoreau
In Ralph Waldo Emerson s essay Self Reliance and Henry David Thoreau s essay Resistance to Civil Government ( Civil Disobedience ), both transcendentalist thinkers speak about ...
didn t need government. Socrates believed that the government made people s lives better, more ordered, and civilized ;Thoreau thought the government took things away from the people. In my opinion, both of these philosophies worked under the special circumstances that Socrates and Thoreau were in ;however, neither would work in today s American society. Socrates lived under the democratic Athenian government, which was the first democratic society in the history of mankind. In order for this new system to
Conscience For Socrates and Thoreau, conscience is crucial in taking just actions. This essay will discuss arguments pertaining to the aforementioned statement, made by Socrates Crito and ...
work, the people fully supported the government and did everything for the good of the society. Socrates philosophies fit these circumstances perfectly. In today s society, Socrates philosophies would be viewed as ridiculous ideas. Because of all the scientific and economic developments, people no longer just focus on making a living and nothing else. People have time to read newspapers, find out about what the government is doing, and think about whether the things that are going on are right.
Henry David Thoreau
Henry David Thoreau, a name heard endlessly by American Literature students, has contributed his outrageous views to society even after his death. Lectures and texts let his perceptions live ...
In another word, nobody would just blindly follow the government. When they feel that the government is doing something to the detriment of the people, they would make their voices heard and try to get it corrected. Also, people nowadays are not doing what s best for the society. They usually do what s best for them. People no longer
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