Story Of An Hour Essay

Story Of An Hour Essay

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The Story of an Hour was written by Kate Choppin. Irony is implicit throughout the story. Mrs. Mallard was married and had record of heart problems. Mrs. Mallard faces an extreme obstacle during her lifetime. The obstacle being her husband s death. This obstacle would have ordinarily be a misfortune, nevertheless it was news that made her rejoice. She was an individual that was seeking freedom from her oppressive marriage. After receiving the news of her husband s death, Mrs. Mallard stormed off into her room not allowing anyone to follow her. Once she had entered the room she sat in a chair and gazed off into the sky. She began to think about how different her life would be, now that her spouse would not be there anymore. The irony exists when Mrs. Mallard was rejoicing about her spouse death rather the mourn. Mr. Mallard s death was symbolic to a freedom that Mrs. Mallard was about to experience. While Mrs. Mallard gazed out the window and into the sky, she revealed the relationship that existed between her spouse and herself. Mrs. Mallard was unhappy in her marriage. Now that he was dead, There would be no one to live for during the years to come ;she would live for herself. There would be no powerful will bending her in that blind persistence with which men and women believe they have a right to impose a private will upon a fellow creature. As the overwhelming feeling of freedom grew, so did the rate of Mrs. Mallard s heart. Unfortunately, she died of a heart attack. Suddenly, Mr. Mallard entered the house. He had no idea of the accident. He had not even known that there had been one. Throughout their marriage, Mr. Mallard had been living life while his spouse was captive mentally and spiritually. When Mr. Mallard died, Mrs. Mallard was overwhelmed with the feeling of freedom. She only had and hour to experience this freedom. It was clear that she also refused to revert back to her imprisoned life. When another person block the passageway of a person s growth the only outcome can be conflict. Mrs. Mallard went from being imprisoned to having heart problems. Then she receives her freedom. She was given the choice of reverting to misery or to escappouse was captive mentally and spire

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