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Their Eyes Were Watching God Term paper

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Passage: p.11, After a while to be made. In Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Hurston, Janie seeks answers to questions posed by life by looking at nature. This search is necessitated because Janie never had any proper guidance from parents. Janie grew up with no one to follow or to guide her through the early stages of adolescence, and because of this she has to teach herself, or draw influence from her world that is part of her life. Janie draws influence from nature because she had no guidance in her life, because nature is everywhere, and she is confused as to what she should be feeling.She has a conflicted view of what she wants to happen, and she has no idea when or how it will happen. Janie sees what she wants to happen in nature. Janie has no natural influences from her parents, so she relates any feelings that she has to nature. Janie is just coming through adolescence, and she has many previously unfelt emotions. When she is lying under the pear tree, she sees the bond between a bee and a pear blossom. She recognizes this as a holy unity, one that is utterly perfect. This is the only example of a marriage that she has known, and the notion of love (which comes hand in hand with marriage for her) immediately overtakes her. Janie s concept of love is idealistic. She sees everything as having a loving partner, and that is perfect. The irony with that view is that two people who should be a major part of her life are not. Her parents should have been loving and together, but they were not. If Janie did not take her influence from nature, she would have thought that it was natural and acceptable to not have a partner, and roam around from one temporary partner to another as her mother did. Janie s epiphany seems unprovoked, and can only be explained by the absence of passionate love in her life. She saw it nowhere, so when she finally saw it in nature it gave rise to many different emotions. She has a new thirst for natural love, and she looks for something to slake this thirst. After recognizing the new feeling and her own desire of partnership, Janie begins to see it s manifestation everywhere. In the air of the room were flies tumbling and singing, marrying and giving in marriage. Janie is infatuated with the natural bond, and that is all that she can think about. Janie would not have been so ardent for love if her parents had been present. If they lived with her she would have seen love every day, and it wouldn t have been so new to her. This probably would have prevented the act of na ve and senseless affection bestowed upon Johnny Taylor. She had so much emotion bottled up inside that she had to act out on it. Oh to be a pear tree any tree in bloom! With kissing bees singing of the beginning of the world! She was sixteen. She had glossy leaves and bursting buds and she wanted to struggle with life but it seemed to elude her. Janie recognizes herself as one who is ready for love and the bond of marriage, but she is blinded by this feeling, and she does not rationally think about how love happens, and where she will find it. Her grandmother is blind to her transition, so she does nothing to instruct Janie on love.She was intrigued, obsessed, and confused. The passage clearly shows her confusion when saying She felt an answer seeking her, but where? When? How? She is confused by this emotion, and seeks an answer. She was seeking confirmation of the voice and vision, and everywhere she found and acknowledged answers. A personal answer for all other creations except herself (page 11). Janie has never felt this before, and she has no one to help her through the process. The passage shows that Janie almost feels frustrated that everything else in the world seems to know its place, and that they have answers to her questions. Janie has many questions coming through adolescence, and no one to answer them for her. The only thing that seems to present agreeable solutions is nature. Janie is forced to take these examples as models for her own answers, and in doing so she loses sight of the real world and the more down-to-earth notions of love. She tries to find natural love through a number of ways in life, but she never can achieve the ideal, the bond presented to her by nature.

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