Racism Essay

Racism Essay

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APA ASSIGNMENT Thesis Violence on television has particularly increased in the last 25 years. William Goodwin stated "A five year study by the American Psychological Association found that the average child witnesses 8,000 murders and 100,000 other acts of violence on television by the seventh grade." "Two years after television was introduced to the remote city of Notel, Canada, physical aggression in children in the area increased 160 percent" (Goodwin, 48). There could be other factors that contribute youth violence besides television, but these studies show that television does have an impact on youth behavior. Outline The impact of television violence on youth behavior has been an issue for many years. Violence on television contributes a great deal to youth violence. Globe and mail, April 29 1999 Title: Canada's copycat killing: outcast boy had a rifle and a trench coat. Subject: Youth Violence Murder "Yesterday, he showed up at the high school just after the lunch Hour ended, carrying a.22." A Journal Fieguth, Debra. Father draws Jesus into shooting tragedy: parents reach out to high schools, pray for shooters. Youth Violence(1999, vol125 no6, p 1-2.) Anglican Journal. Newspaper Article Alanna Mitchell and Mathew Ingram (1999, April 29). Youth Violence Murder. The Global and Mail. Material from a CD-ROM Report Newsmagazine. (May 22 2000) .BC Edition. Kline Science Library MSDS CD- ROM information. (vol27. red27228392) Database material via Web ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education (1980. March 3.) An Overview of Strategies to reduce Youth Violence. http://eric-web.tc.columbia.edu/digests/dig115.html First Edition Book Marge Reitsma-Street. (1999) . Human and Social Development University of Victoria Victoria, B.C. A Book With Editors John Hagan and Bill McCarthy. Mean streets. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997, 299 pp.

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