A Starry Night Essay

A Starry Night Essay

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Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night is a marvelous painting in which Van Gogh paints a picture that is colorful and descriptive. This painting can be described as mysterious and intriguing. It can signify a variety of moods, objects, and atmosphere. Van Gogh portrays a small French town located in the countryside. This town is characterized by rolling mountains, big starry sky, small houses, green fields, a large tree, and a church. He uses these details to paint a story full of color and intrigue. Van Gogh uses oil to paint this work on a 72cm x 92cm canvas board. Oil provides a semi-blurred texture. He uses different colors like blue, black, orange, yellow, purple, green, and violet. He paints the sky purple and dark blue to signify the evening. He uses orange and yellow for the bright stars in the sky. The mountains that border the town are colored a dark blue and are masked by a tree, which is colored black. Green is applied for the grass and other various plants and vegetation. He uses a vast array of colors to paint the houses and buildings in the village. In the Starry Night mood and description play a major part. The evening sky is exposed with vibrant flames of light streaming through the sky. One person might think that huge comets are hurtling toward the earth, signaling the end of the world, while another could guess that Van Gogh was painting a scene where large stars and the navy blue sky are brightening the medieval type landscape. He creates a painting that shows the beauty of the countryside. Looking up at the sky the bright, yellowish-white stars twirl about as if the wind currents direct them. The wind itself is blowing fast and swift, directed by the easterly currents from the ocean. Right below the sky lie the rolling mountains that overlook the village. Their presence brings peace and quiet to the French village. The mountains provide shade and protection from afar. Van Gogh also includes a large cypress tree that skies toward heaven. Its blackness signifies the mysteriousness of the town. The snakelike tree reaches the stars as it crawls up toward the heavens. The church in the center of the painting provides a religious backdrop. This painting can be described as one of Van Gogh+s best. Each observer constructs different moods and meanings. With the use of color, texture, and descriptive objects, Van Gogh develops a marvelous painting that will always be remembered for its beauty and mystery.

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