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My Antonia by Willa Cather is a love account about a pioneer woman. Antonia enters into the story as a young girl and matures throughout the novel. One of her beloved friends Jim Burden describes to the readers exactly how entrancing Antonia really is. Antonia changes from a manly lifestyle, coming to mature to a young woman, and ending up being an astonishing mother. After the death of her father, Antonia launches the boyish side of herself. For example, the quotation She had come to us as a child and now she was a tall, strong young girl explains to the reader that she is now experiencing a life of hard, strenuous work. Antonia is performing men s duties now and is leading more of a masculine life. One would say that Antonia is filling her father s boots ;because of the laborious tasks she is performing. In addition, Antonia enlightens the readers that she does not have enough time to do activities that women do when she states, I ain t got time to learn. I work like mans now... Working on the farm is for the better of the family, yet it is not for the better of Antonia. Antonia works on the farm for a rather long period of time until she realizes that she needs to mature. When working for the Harlings Antonia develops a social life, which is hard for her to keep up with in her growth towards womanhood. For instance, Jim once says, The Vannis often said that Antonia was the best dancer of them all. This illustrates that she is dedicated to what she loves to do, and will spend time doing it. Dancing takes up much time and leads Antonia to having a more communal lifestyle. Later, Antonia becomes negligent to her work at the Harling household, causing Mr. Harling to say, You can quit going to these dances or you can hunt another place. Antonia is not used to living a more eventful life and cannot concentrate on her work. She loves the Harlings but gets caught up in dancing. Antonia will find that budding into a woman is not all just play ;it also takes attentiveness and hard work. Another aspect of the character of Antonia is that she is a loving and caring mother, even since the time of adolescence. Tony has nice children- ten or eleven by this time I guess, is one example given to show Antonia s motherhood. This statement can conclude that she is dedicated to her children and loves them so much she keeps wanting more like them. Having at least ten children takes a lot of demanding work for one woman. They seemed to feel the same pride in her, and look to her for stories and entertainment as we used to do, is one statement provided by Jim. Although mothering is exceptional, it is just as important for the children to respect the elders and have satisfaction in them. One important element of a family is equality among all people in it. Antonia is what one would call a natural born mother ;she mesmerizes her children with her amazing capabilities. Growing up on the prairie is not an easy life. Within the novel the reader can learn that although times may be rough, good people still can come out of a tough situation. Through the character of Antonia the reader notices that her life was hard and she went through many transitional periods that in the end made her a better person. It is plain to see that good always comes to those who deserve it. And for Antonia that is having a family that loves and cares for each other.

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