Young Goodman Brown Essay

Young Goodman Brown Essay

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The Young Goodman Brown The story by Nathaniel Hawthorne The Young Goodman Brown is a moral story about a man, Goodman Brown, and about his downfall in his believes. He is a Puritan minister who lets his excessive pride in himself interfere with the relationships with community after he meets with the Devil. And this causes him to live his life alone, of an exile of his own community. Young Goodman Brown begins when Faith, Brown s wife, asks him not to go on an errand . Goodman says to his love and Faith that this one night I must tarry away from thee (1207). When he says his love and his Faith, he is talking to his wife, but he is also talking to his faith in God. He is going to the woods to meet with the Devil, and by doing so, he leaves his unquestionable faith in God with his wife. He says that he will cling to her skirts and follow her to Heaven . This is an example of his excessive pride because he feels that that he can sin and meet with Devil because of this promise he made to himself. There is an irony to this promise because when Goodman comes back at dawn, he can no longer look at his wife with the same faith he had before. During the first part of his journey we can see his pride in himself and hoe he is sue in his faith. At first he says that he no longer wishes to continue on his errand with the Devil. He says that he comes from a race of honest men and good Christians and that his father had never gone to this errand and never will he. But Devil tells him how his father and grandfather in the name of good were flogging the woman or burning an Indian village. Which shows that he doesn t come from good Christians . Then he meets the woman who taught him hi catechism in youth, and was still a moral and spiritual adviser (1210). Brown continues to walk with Devil in the disbelief of what he just witnessed. Ironically, he blames the women for consorting with the Devil but his own pride stops him from realizing that his faults are the same as the woman s. After that Devil tossed Goodman Brown his staff and leaves him. Now Goodman begins to think of himself about his situation and his pride in himself begins to build. He applauds himself greatly, and thinks with how clear and a conscience he should meet his minister and what calm sleep would be his in the arms of Faith! This is ironic, because in the end of the story he can t even look Faith in eyes. Then he hears the voices and specially one voice of the young woman . He believes this is his Faith ;he yells out her name but only hears the echo. At this moment he has lost his faith in the world and declares that there is no good on earth . Actually he was manipulated by the power of suggestion, the suggestion that the woman in question is his Faith, and because of this he easily loses his faith. On the ceremony Brown starts to look into faces and realizes that there is no Faith among them ;and hope come into his heart (1213). This is the first time when mention of Hope appears in the story, and it s because this is a turning point for Goodman Brown. He hoped that, as Faith is not here, he wouldn t have to live alone in his community of heathens. But he doesn t realize that he is already a part of it. After the ceremony he finds himself face to face with Faith. He yells Faith! Faith! Look up to Heaven and resist the wicked one! (1214). At this ceremony ends and Brown finds himself alone, which makes him to believe that he is also alone in his faith. Brown comes back to town and feels like outsider in there. He feels and even though he was at the Devil s service, he still better than everyone else because of his pride. He thinks he can push his own faults on others and look down at them rather then look at himself and solve his own faults in himself. Goodman Brown was devastated by the discovery that the potential of the evil is in everybody. The rest of his life if destroyed because of is inability to face the truth and live with it. His life end alone because he was never able to look at himself and realized that what he believed were as well his fault as everybody else s. His pride in himself led to his isolation from community. Brown was buried with no hopeful verse upon his tombstone ;for his dying hour was gloom (1215).

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