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Thesis: point out the uses of irony in the story The Story of an Hour So much can be done in an hour. A person s entire life story can be heard in that duration of time. Kate Chopin uses an hour to tell the story of a woman who is afflicted with an ailment of the heart. The author uses irony all thorough out the story, to set the reader up for an ending that is not expected. Irony is an essential aspect of the story, it gives incite on the character and the story line. This tale starts out with a young woman with a heart condition receiving news about her husband s death. Already the use of irony is seen when the main character Mrs. Mallard, receives the news of her husband s death. She wept once, with sudden, wild abandonment, in her sister s arms. (212) One would think receiving news as grave as that would send a person let alone a woman into peril. She on the other hand did not. Mrs. Mallard just put on a sort of game face for the crowd to mask her true feelings. The author just sends the story into a twist when she describes Mallards thoughts of her husband s death. It seemed as though that the character was uplifted by the news. Mallard s feelings are described as a sort of enlightenment. She could see things more clearly after the news. Mrs. Mallard felt a new life could be reached now that the oppressive force in her life was lifted. When she abandoned herself a little whisper word escaped her slightly parted lips. She said it over and over under her breath: free, free, free! (212) A strong play of irony was used in this line alone. Again further along in the story she repeats similar words. Something not expected by the reader, but again another reaction is given to throw the audience off. An author uses irony and other literary techniques to create an entertaining atmosphere to keep the audience reading. Chopin uses it to keep the reader guessing about Mrs. Mallard s feelings and the reason she has them. It made the tale interesting and an east read.

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