Internet And You Essay

Internet And You Essay

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Internet Pornography And You
Imagine a place where you have access to anything and everything one could want. Some would say that is only existent in a utopia, and some would say that describes ...
You make the decision Whenever a new kind of information technology is born, there is always been somebody on hand to try to censor it. Because the Internet is new and wide open, it has become the current central target for politicians over issues of censorship. When our country was born, the first public document over which patriots shed their blood declared the need for our "liberty," our freedom in our new nation. Later, when our founding fathers decided to
The Internet Effect: How has it affected You?
Commonly known as the Internet, the world’s largest network is used extensively throughout the world today. Since its creation in 1983, the Internet has continued to grow in popularity and ...
specify certain rights in our new Constitution, they gave the very top priority to the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights - the idea of freedom of expression. Those among us who would let senators and preachers decide how much freedom we should have will continue to try to restrict such freedom of expression. John, a 13 year old bright kid from a religious Christian family was caught 'red handed' by his teacher Mrs. Presly viewing adult websites
Choosing And Isp
Choosing an Internet Service Provider As the Internet becomes more popular, both in e-commerce and personal computer use, the need for Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) grows. With so many ISP’s ...
on the internet in the lunch break on one of the lab computers of his school. What should be done to stop the kids from accessing the obscure materials that are freely available on the Internet? Efforts have been continuously made by senators to introduce new technology which involves blocking certain websites ;this is know as filtering (a program), which obstructs the viewing of adult websites in schools and libraries. Recently, Senator John McCain proposed the Internet school filtering act,
Internet Addiction
A Growing Epidemic in America: Internet Addiction The Internet has become one of the most universal methods for communication with over 100 million users worldwide. From e-mail to the possibly ...
through which, schools will not receive subsidies from the Universal Service Fund (USF) if they do not install filters on Internet-based computers in the school. The cost for round the clock Internet connection for all the computers in a school or library is tremendous. USF brings down this cost by providing concessional rates for web surfing to many of the schools and libraries in US. The need for these subsidized rates compels schools and libraries to install filtering programs on
Improving Cyberspace
Thesis: Though governments cannot physically regulate the Internet, cyberspace needs regulations to prevent ...
their computers. The irony being if any local library or school in a rich neighborhood can afford the telecom expenses for surfing the net, (not bothering about the subsidies offered by the USF) it can provide unfiltered, free access to the Internet to all it's patrons. Thus if the government truly wants to fight child pornography and violence on Internet, it should pass stronger laws to outlaw those that now exist (Library Journal 6). In Virginia's Congress, Rep. Robert G.
Improving Cyberspace
Thesis: Though governments cannot physically regulate the Internet, cyberspace needs regulations to prevent illegal activity, the destruction of morals, and child access to pornography. I. Introduction. II. Illegal activity online ...
Marshall recently introduced a bill that would require minors accessing unfiltered Internet workstations in public libraries to be accompanied by a parent or another "responsible adult". The bill also stipulates that public libraries must keep unfiltered computers out of areas which juveniles are permitted to use unaccompanied by adults. The bill also suggests that a limited access be provided to children's-area machines' offering resources and sites materials harmful to juveniles, which includes child pornography, and violence and stop patrons from
Improving CyberspaceThesis: Though governments cannot physically regulate the ...
accessing objectionable sites in any library area. Staffers who promptly report violations to authorities are assured of immunity from prosecution (American Libraries 17). Filtering devices are currently being touted as a solution to control pornography on the Internet without expressly censoring it. What many consumers don't realize, however, is that these devices screen more than hard-core sex on Web sites. Some other restricted topics include 'alternative lifestyles,' such as gay and lesbian lifestyles, and birth control
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