There Is Enough For Everyone's Need But Not For Everyone's Greed Essay

There Is Enough For Everyone S Need But Not For Everyone S Greed Essay

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'There is enough for everyone's need but not for everyone's greed' is indeed an ingenious statement by an ingenious man called Mahatma Gandhi. There is no doubt about how true this statement is and there are many ways one can prove it. Nature was made in such a way that there will be a balance in the eco-system and everybody gets enough what they need in proportions for them to live a good life. Unfortunately, Man, being greedy, have taken advantage of this fact. They want more than what they need and would go out of their way to get it. They take more than what they give. The more they have, the more superior they feel. The fortunate ones would be able to get their hands on what they want, leaving the others not with a little something but with less than nothing at all. Little do they know that by doing so, they're bringing trouble and corruption only upon their own kind. Food distribution in this world is a perfect example to support the above statement. Most people would have already known, from the media such as television and newspapers, about how millions of people in this world are suffering from starvation because of the lack of food. Some may say that it is just a famine, a natural disaster that nobody has control of. Others say that there is just not enough food in this world for everyone. However, if one comes to think of it carefully, is there really not enough food? It is more than just a famine that is causing this unfairness. If every single person were to give a portion of their food that they do not need, surely there will be more than enough to go around to every human being living on this Earth. Of course, taking is much easier that giving. It is because of human greed that there is not enough food for everyone. This unfair food distribution is also caused by the greed for more money. For example, in Africa, there is actually sufficient food for everyone. However, there is not enough for export so that the country can earn more money. What is even worse is that the greedy government prioritizes the export and money more than their own people. As a result, the people do not get anything. Instead, they are betrayed by their corrupted government. A usual suggestion for this problem is to cultivate more food! But this is easier said than done because to have more food is to have more arable land and even that is not enough for everyone's greed. If everyone were to leave the arable land and take only what they need, again, there would be more than enough for everyone. However, if one considers about the land that they need to build factories, buildings and other commercial needs and wants, there is certainly not enough. These things are unnecessary but because of Man's greed for more money and property, it has become almost indispensable. They convert useful arable land to barren ones. Soon, there is not enough to make use of and the less fortunate ones will suffer. Man makes use of everything in their reach to satisfy their greed. One of the things that contribute a lot to their wealth and power is the Earth's own natural resources. Man, unfortunately has exploited these resources beyond the limit. When a country owns more resources, they are automatically richer. They use and sell the resources to develop their country. The greed comes in when different countries compete with one another to have a more developed nation and to be the best in the world. To develop their nation, more natural resources, such as oil, need to be exploited. We all know that such resources are limited. Researchers say that at the rate that we are using now, the world's oil is going to be depleted in 50 years time. Soon, there will not be enough for the future generation's need. If the past and present generations were to have used the resources to a limit, more time would have been given for them to replenish. Then, the future generations would have more than enough for their needs. The above examples are sufficient to prove that "there is enough for everyone's need but not for everyone's greed". We need to raise public consciousness about this situation so that the more fortunate would give more and take a little less.

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