Weber And Rationalisation Essay

Weber And Rationalisation Essay

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Bureucracy And Legal-Rational
BUREAUCRACY AND LEGAL-RATIONAL AUTHORITY IN WEBER S WORK According to Weber, bureaucracy is a product of the legal-rational form of authority which is itself a product of the process of ...
The rationalisation process is the practical application of knowledge to achieve a desired end. It leads to efficiency, coordination, and control over both the physical and the social environment. It is the guiding principle behind bureaucracy and the increasing division of labour. It has led to the unprecedented increase in both the production and distribution of goods and services. It is also associated with secularisation, depersonalisation, and oppressive routine. Increasingly, human behaviour is guided by observation,
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experiment and reason to master the natural and social environment to achieve a desired end. Weber's general theory of rationalisation (of which bureaucratic evolution is but a particular case) refers to increasing human mastery over the natural and social environment. In turn, these changes in social structure have changed human character through changing values, philosophies, and beliefs. Such superstructural norms and values as individualism, efficiency, self-discipline, materialism, and calculability have been encouraged by the bureaucratic
To what extent does our understanding of space depend on the way we think of time?
'Space and time are basic categories of human existence' (Harvey, 1989: 201). They are such familiar concepts to human beings that there is a temptation to dismiss them as unimportant. ...
process. Bureaucracy and rationalisation were rapidly replacing all other forms of organisation and thought. Beginning to form a stranglehold on all sectors of Western society. Denying the possibility of developmental laws in sociology, Weber essentially presented rationalisation as the master trend of Western capitalist society. Rationalisation is the process whereby every area of human relationships is subject to calculation and administration. While Marxists have noted the prominence of rational calculation in factory discipline and the labour process, Weber detected rationalisation
A discussion of rational choice theory
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in all social spheres - politics, religion, economic organisation, university administration, the laboratory and even musical notation. Weber's sociology as a whole is characterised by a metaphysical pathos whereby the process of rationalisation eventually converted capitalist society into a meaningless 'iron cage'. For Weber, rationalisation involved: in economic organisation, the organisation of the factory by the bureaucratic means and the calculation of profit by systematic accounting procedures ;in moral behaviour, a greater emphasis on discipline and training ;in society
Le Creuset
Concentration of Manufacturing: In comparison to the diversified nature of Le Creuset’s approach to export markets, manufacturing in the company is very much concentrated. All Le Creuset’s products are manufactured ...
as a whole, the spread of bureaucracy, state control and administration. Weber defines bureaucracy as "a hierarchal organisation designed rationally to coordinate the work of many individuals in the pursuit of large scale administrative goals" [Haralambous, 1985]. Weber saw a hierarchal structure based on commonality of purpose, specialisation, or the division of labour held together by 'rational - legal authority'. That is each strata expects the authority of higher strata and exercises vested authorities over lower strata in pursuit
Critically Discuss Foucault S View That In Th
Power has been a concept with which political scientists, philosophers, sociologists, psychologists and myriad others have been concerned at the very heart of their disciplines. It a reality which in ...
of the common purpose. Individuals gain position by ability and competence. The 'consistent system of abstract rules' and norms are adhered to and administered in a spirit of 'moralistic impersonality'. The ideal bureaucracy has an almost a machine like character - each parts fits perfectly, activates at the right time and in the right manner, known as "mechanistic" variety. Weber argued that "the monocratic variety of bureaucracy - is, from a technical point of view, capable of attaining
Critically Discuss Foucault S View That In The Modern West Sexuality Is Implicated In A Form Of Power Which Makes Individuals Subjects.
Power has been a concept with which political scientists, philosophers, sociologists, psychologists and myriad others have been concerned at the very heart of their disciplines. It a reality which in ...
the highest degree of efficiency", [Weber, 1964]. He saw disadvantages and dangers in it, but argued it "makes possible, a high degree of calculability of results". To Weber, the paradigm case of the rationalisation process was bureaucracy. In the modern world, while bureaucracies continue to exist and to be of great importance, George Ritzer believes that the fast-food chains have become the model of rationality. The process in which the principals of the fast food-restaurant become dominating in relation
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to more and more sectors in American society as well as the rest of the world. The principals Ritzer is referring to is: efficiency, predicability, calculability, and control. He states that "the foundations of McDonaldisation" entry in society creates a society in which creativity, intelligent insight, transparency, and real human contact is more or less absent. McDonald's and McDonaldisation, then, do not represent something new, but rather the culmination of a series of rationalisation processes that had been occurring
Jan Ifversen
Jan Ifversen The Meaning of European Civilization - A Historical-Conceptual Approach* My interest in the concept of civilization was triggered by Samuel Huntington's now famous article "The Clash of Civilizations" ...
throughout the twentieth century [Ritzer, 1992]. An example of the extent to which McDonaldisation replicates the theory of rationalisation, is the publication of the 1958 operations manual designed to spell out in
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