The Life Of Science Fiction Pioneer, H. G. Wells Essay

The Life Of Science Fiction Pioneer H G Wells Essay

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H.G. Wells A Biography
Herbert George Wells or H.G. as he liked to be called is man that stands out in English literature and English history. As far as literature is concerned Wells was ...
H. G. Wells Time machines and Martians are common themes for literature and entertainment today. They belong to the science fiction genre of writing, but where did they originate? There was a time when these ideas were never even heard of, then H. G. Wells began writing. Herbert George Wells is best known as a pioneer of the modern science fiction novel. Wells was born in Bromely Kent, England on September 21, 1866. (Rollyson, 2071)
The Time Machine compared to Nineteen Eighty Four
“The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells and “Nineteen Eighty Four” are two excellent science-fiction novels which explore and give to different views of the future. Both of the Novels look ...
His parents were Joseph and Sarah Wells. His father was a storekeeper and professional cricketeer while his mother was a housekeeper. They had trouble supporting the family. In 1880 Mrs. Wells took post as a housekeeper of Fetherstonhough in Up Park, Sussex. (Rollyson, 2071) This gave Wells a lower-middles class upbringing. His childhood would be reflected in his novels, in the sense of the class division. Wells parents found a job for him when
Ernest Hemingway
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he was fourteen. He was an apprentice for a draper in Windsor. (Rollyson, 2071) At the age of sixteen he received his break. He was offered a job as a student assistant at the Midhurst Grammar School in Sussex. (Draper, 298) This opened the doors for his education. He obtained a scholarship from the Normal School of Science through this position. He attended the school from 1884 to 1889. (Bliss, 432) He
Ray Harryhausen
Overview Ray ...
studied under Darwin s champion T. H. Huxley. (Draper, 298) He continued his schooling and would raise himself from the lower middle class. In 1889 he received a Bachelor of Science Degree, graduating with honors. (Bliss, 432) After this he taught at private schools in Whales and London. (Draper, 298) He was suffering from lung hemorrhages and a damaged kidney. This made it impossible for him to teach anymore. So in 1893 ha
Cinematography Everything You Need To Know
Cinematography: Everything You Need To Know (sin-uh-muh-tahg'-ruh-fee) Cinematography is the technique and art of making motion pictures, which are a sequence of photographs of a single subject that are taken ...
quit teaching and went to further his career with writing. In 1891 Wells married his cousin Isabel Wells. They lived in Wandsworth, London until 1893 when Wells quit teaching. Wells then moved to Euston London with a former student Catherine Robbins. (Draper, 298) He divorced Isabel in 1895 and married Catherine two years later in 1897. (Magill Cyc, 1137) They had two children George Philip and Frank Richard. (Bliss, 432) Wells said, If
Critical Essays by Amy Lowell
align="center">WHY WE SHOULD READ POETRY WHY should one read Poetry? That seems to me a good deal like asking: Why should one eat? One eats because one has to, ...
the world does not please you, you can change it, and that s what he did (Draper, 298) Wells works ranged from textbooks to science fiction and romance novels. This can probably be attributed to the type of person he was. His lower-middle class origin gave him the ability to contrast classes in his novels. While his adventurous love life added the aspect of romance in his work. Of all things ha was considered a
TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Methodology . . . ...
science forecaster. (Draper, 297) This came from his schooling in science. Wells is an author whose achievement is as impossible to ignore as it is difficult to fit into readily assessed categories. (Draper, 297) This can be attributed to his characteristics as a person. Wells even had a political side, technically he was a liberal democrat. (Bliss, 432) He thought himself to be closer to Plato s republic, though. In 1903 he joined the Fabien Society, a socialist group. (Magill Cyc, 1137) He even ran for office, but these attempts failed him. Wells wrote an array of papers and novels. He wrote two textbooks in the 1893, this marked the beginning of his career. Throughout his life he published papers and essays in magazines. He wrote novels in many categories. Wells wrote realistic novels reflecting his upbringing and aspects of his life. He used a romance element in many of his works, which stemmed from his promiscuous behavior. Wells even wrote novels on his political views. Of all he wrote the science fiction novels get him the most credit. The rest of his works are rarely remembered. The influence of Well s science-fiction virtually inescapable for writers who specialize in the genre extends to such distinguished authors as Yeugeny Zamyatin, George Orwell, Jorge Luis Borges, and William golding. (Draper, 296) The Time Machine is the first of Well s science-fiction novels, it was written in 1891. (Draper, 299) This book is the accounts of an inventor who traveled into the distant future. He found that nineteenth century progress is sending us toward an absence of challenge and initiative. This developed us into puny-unintelligent creatures called Eloi. They are the descendants of the ruling class of today. The descendants of the working class, the Morlocks, now feed upon the Eloi. The time traveler meats up with a young female Eloi, Weena, and they have various adventures and they are abruptly ended with her death. The time traveler goes farther into the future until all human life has been annihilated. Upon his return none of his friends believe what he has told. So he goes further in time and never returns. (Draper, 299) This book brings up many things. First it is the beginning of an idea, the time machine. This is the origin of modern-day time-travel stories and things of the nature. Also Wells
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