Hemingway The Life Of A Great Man Essay

Hemingway The Life Of A Great Man Essay

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Earnest Hemingway: The Life of a Great Man Through out literary history many writers have come and gone, yet only the greatones are the ones to be remembered. One of these memorable writers was Earnest Hemmingway. Through a life of uncertainty, he managed to become a world renowned writer. Through his time in the war and his love affair with an Italian woman to when he finally married and lived in Florida, he never neglected his writing career. Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois on July 21, 1899 to parents with extremely diverse backgrounds. His father practiced obstetrics at St. Mary s Hospital in Chicago and later went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He was also a man who enjoyed the outdoors and the animals living there. However, he did have a not-so-nurturing side to him when it came time to discipline his children. Whenever his kids got out of line, he used a razor strop to punish them. Yet, his mother did not believe in these sorts of punishment. Earnest s mother was the complete opposite of her husband. Where he would mostly take care of the home, cook, clean, etc., she did not participate much in these activities. Her true passion was opera singing. However, because of the increased sensitivity to light on stage, her eyes could not handle all this and this is what prevented her from pursuing a career in singing. Her children, on the other hand, were a mix of both mother and father. Their first child was a female of the name Marcelli. She was named after her grandfather and was only a year older than Earnest, who was next in line. Yet the bloodline would not end here, as later they would have many more children. Earnest direly wanted another brother, but that was not to be. In April of 1902, Grace was born, followed shortly there after by Sunny, Carol, and Leicester. Books appealed at an early age to Earnest. His favorite books were of nature, specifically: Birds of Nature. After reading such books, he liked to name people with nicknames. His nickname was Nurnie and he called his grandfather Abba Bear and his grandmother Adelaide Amma Bear, and his mother Fweetee. This shows how varied Hemingway s tastes were. Earnest spent a great deal of time at Bear Lake with his father. There he enjoyed swimming, canoeing, and fishing. He indeed loved the outdoors like his father. This is when he was introduced to camping and roughing it in the outdoors. He also admired the Native Americans which lived around his home. Yet the Varity did not stop here. He also liked to sew, box, and play musical instruments, namely the cello. However, school sports were never his strong point. In school, he would write articles for the school newspaper and acted as reporter to the weekly newspaper, the Trapeze. These were the beginnings of Hemingway s writing career. However, in school he did more than simply write for the paper, he also had a life as well. He was a shy boy, especially when it came to the opposite sex. He went on his first date with a girl named Dorothy Davis. They were both in high school at this time. But when it was time for the prom, he didn t have what it took to ask a girl out to it, so he ended up going with his sister Marcelli. Upon graduating, Earnest s father wanted him to attend college, but he resisted and moved to Kansas City with his uncle. Here he got a job with the local newspaper, that is until he went to WWI. At the time of World War I, he was too young to join the army, so he joined the Red Cross instead who sent him to Italy. His job there was an ambulance driver which he did earnestly until he was injured. He received a gunshot to the leg which forced him to spend months in the hospital recovering. During his fateful stay at the hospital, Hemmingway fell passionately in love with a beautiful night nurse named Agnes. She was then transferred to another hospital and he was sent back home, yet they still wrote one another. She then broke his heart by breaking off their relationship. Agnes wrote him and told Earnest she was with another man now, yet they still continued to write, that is until Hemmingway broke it off this time. After Agnes broke up with her beau, she wanted to restart the relationship with Earnest, who wanted nothing to do with her, and so it ended. After this blow to his heart, he began a period of alcoholism, heavy smoking, and heavy money loss. At this point he was almost homeless and completely alone. His mother and father interfered not with his affairs, yet were delighted when he met Elizabeth Hadley Richardson. She gave him money and helped him back on his feet. He would later end up marrying her. His marriage to Elizabeth seemed to be going well until they broke up after their first son. He later found another woman named Pauline Pfiffer. She was the daughter of a wealthy land owning squire. She was a writer for the Paris edition of Vogue and they had two children together. Yet this would not make a difference in the end. Divorce then loomed on the horizon once again. His final wife was also a writer who wrote fiction named Martha Gelhourn. They made their home in Key West. Yet this crazy life helped his writing career as seen in the Varity of his writing. His first books were about war called: A Farewell to Arms and For Whom the Bell Tolls. One of his most famous works was called The Sun Also Rises. He went on to write many more books after these. This is what helped him gain the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954 and he also received the Pulitzer Prize for his novel The Old Man and The Sea. Some of his more notable works include: Across the River and Into the Trees Death in the Afternoon In Our Time Islands in the Stream Men Without Women A Moveable Feast To Have and To Have Not Winner Take Nothing The Dangerous Summer In the end of his life, Hemmingway was regarded as a celebrity. He was world renowned for his bold writings about life and the world around us. He settled in Key West and lived out the rest of his life in quiet solitude. He enjoyed the outdoors, like his father, and this coupled with his varied background help write novels like none other before him.

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