censorship Essay

Censorship Essay

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Internet censorship, should it be allowed ore does it break governmental law? ACLU Cyber-Liberties: Online Censorship in the States A court ruling granted the highest level of First Amendment protection to the Internet when the Communications Decency Act was struck down in Reno vs. ACLU in June 1997. While this is a step in protection against censorship, there are a number of state bills put forth to censor the internet against minors and others. Censoring minors from pornography and other adult information may be the job of parents other than state. CCPJ: Censorship and the Internet, Chapter 2 The Internet has been seen by many who wish to regulate it as a medium not unlike radio or television, but in fact it has many significantly different qualities. It is the first to be a truly mass medium. It is organized in a number of different ways and is interactive. These examples of its diversity display how it must be regulated as its own medium and not compared to any others. Response of Law to New Technology, by Ronald B. Standler One angle on why censorship and laws for the Internet may now be necessary is because new technologies are rapidly growing and they have become too much for past laws to apply to them. Something must done to make government keep up with advances. Law of Mass Communications Dwight L. Teeter

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censorship essay
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