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AIDS PAPER AIDS has been an issue dealt with in the United States for 20 years. What is usually appalling when told to someone is that the American public contributed to the spread of AIDS. This may be appalling by its true and is not helping the AIDS epidemic. The media has lacked attention to the AIDS epidemic as well and this has also contributed to the spread of AIDS. Some of what caused the American public s lack of interest in AIDS are prisons, foreign countries, and the U. S. statistics on AIDS. American public always stay away from things they dislike and this is the case with the spread of the AIDS virus. My first proof is that prisons are afraid of the Federal and local health agencies budget. In 1982 only 4 prisoners died of the AIDS disease. In 1993, 224 prisoners of AIDS. This number is increasing way too rapidly and will only get worse. The point I am trying to get at here is that the health agencies will just not budget money towards research of prisoners with AIDS. They do not want anything to do with the gay males in the prisons. They believed prisons did not deserve the research money because of the crimes they committed and because of the kind of people they are. What these health agencies do not realize is that AIDS is rapidly spreading in prisons and that is not good so they should reconsider spending money toward research of AIDS in prisons. My second proof as to why the American public lacks interest in AIDS is the spread of the disease in foreign countries. AIDS is being spread in all countries such as Zimbabwe, Kenya, Great Britain, France and Canada. The American public does not care about the countries but they should. We have many immigrants coming into out country, each year and some of them carrying the AIDS virus. We can not let this virus keep spreading so in my opinion I think the U. S. should join all these other countries and research this virus and try to find a cure for it. If they do not, I believe everyone in the United States is in some trouble. My third proof is basically just the statistics on AIDS cases in the U. S. The top ten states with aids cases in them are New York, California, Florida, Texas, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Maryland. These state along total AIDS cases is about 500,000 AIDS cases. AIDS cases by race is another issue and the statistics say Caucasian people have over 300,000 cases, African Americans have over 250,000 cases, Hispanics have 125,000 cases and Asians have about 5,000 cases. The big problem here is that these are all Americans. Just think of how much worse other countries could be. Another statistic is that most AIDS cases come between the ages of 30-45 with about 450,000 cases. This statistic has to do with the move ...and the band played on because of the gay sexual activity that went on in the 1980 s. These men were in their prime in the 1980 s so it makes sense. All these statistics about AIDS were never reported by media because they lacked interest in the AIDS epidemic. They did not want anything to do with the disease and that really contributed to its spread. In conclusion, I believe the American public always stays away from things they dislike and this is the case with the spread of the AIDS virus. se of the crimes they committed and because of the kind of people they are. What these health agencies

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