Differences Between North And South Colonies Essay

Differences Between North And South Colonies Essay

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Differences Between the Northern and Southern Colonies In the time of 1607-1783 there were many social, economic, and political differences between the two Northern and Southern colonies. The Southern colonies consisted of Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. People that went to the Middle colonies were seeking economic well being and they did not bring their families to the New World. Without families, they could focus more on economic issues, making more money, and working hard
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within their goals. Church, religion, and God were important, but southerners tended not to be very religious due to the number of churches and other religious institutions in the South. Almost all the inhabitants of the South lived on plantations. The plantations were very important to the economy as well. The crops were planted, harvested, and processed to be exported to England. Due to the amount of labor needed, thousands of slaves were
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forced to labor these plantations. Elected assemblies met to make laws and rules. They began to meet regularly after King James I revoked the Virginia Charter in 1619. With the need for additional taxes, the assemblies were forced to meet more frequently and regularly. In the 1650 s, the assembly council ended up splitting up into two chambers, the House of Burgesses and the Governor s Council. There were two main products that made up
Colony Groups
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the Southern colony's economy. One of them being tobacco and the other product being rice. Tobacco was the most domineering product in the South. Almost everything depended on the sale and price of the tobacco market. The major tobacco period was the time from 1618 to 1629 while the crop was still new. With the huge demand, labor was always an issue. Due to this many servants were imported.
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