earthquake proof building Essay

Earthquake Proof Building Essay

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Our company name is CNN Incorporated. The first thing we did was dig up all the soft soil and filled it with cement. After that we stuck big steel poles into the cement to hold the building in place and keep it on the ground. The garage is made out of brick and it has 9 cement pillars to make the structure stronger. The actual building is not set directly over the parking garage. The reason we didnt set the building on the garage is to make the whole thing more stable. The actual building has 2 towers 2 stories high on each side and n in the middle that is 3 stories high. The building is also made out of brick. It has steel Xs to strengthen the building. The bottom of the building is heavier on the bottom and lighter on the top. Some emergency features are a couple on generators that can run the whole building, automatic gas shut off, emergency lighting, and radios in every story

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