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Censoriship is a way of life, we need to stop this and live free. Outline the arguments on censorship presented by various groups. The two groups on censorship are those that are for it and those that are against it. Those who support censorship believe that Canadians and especially young people need to be protected from all sexual matters, scenes of violence and foul language. Feminist groups that are for censorship disagree with all forms of material that exploit women and children sexually. Groups who oppose censorship believe that a large part of Canadian society needs to be guaranteed a freedom of choice and expression. Almost all groups for and against believe that children should be protected from materials that would harm them. "You can't legislate moral behaviour. It ceases to be moral when it's imposed. You have to have the right to choose." Edward W. Scott, Canadian Anglican Archbishop. Edwards quote means that they can't legislate out morals, and what we believe in. I like this quote because it leaves censorship to a personal responsibility. "The school system is the key to the breakdown of family life... The real issue isn't junk books or censorship...The real issue is that parents' wishes- as to what their children are taught- must be respected in the schools." Rev. Kenneth Campbell, Renaissance International Rev Kenneth Campbell wants censorship to be left to the parents. I like this because I think that the parents of a child should be responsible for what a kid does. I don't think this would work because all parents would want different levels of censorship, so it would make it hard to set standards. I agree most with the first quote. I also think that forcing moral behaviour on a person is immoral. Moral behaviour is something we learn
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