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The Story Of An Hour 1. Plot- Josephine tells Mrs. Mallard that her husband has died. Mrs. Mallard stares out a window and realizes the freedom she has gained by becoming a widow. Mrs. Mallard and Josephine go down stairs and see Brently Mallard walk in the door. Mrs. Mallard screams and collapses of a heart attack. 2. Significance of What Happens Usually when someone dies, it takes a while for the facts set in. In this case, grief is instant and lasts only momentarily. Then she realizes what she has gained from her husband s death. She has gained some freedom in a way that she can work if she pleases, and can claim head of the household. The irony is that she dies of a heart attack when Brently walks through the door. It could be that she is extremely happy to see him, or that she was on a hype and was knocked down very suddenly. 3. How does author convey story? The author seems to show that Mrs. Mallard is overwhelmed with joy that her husband has died. She did not even stop to realize that her joy was brought on by the death of her husband. 4. Complexities of the plot. The plot tends to become hazy at the point when she is sitting at her window seal. What is actually coming to her, though, is the realization that she is free to live without the overbearing hand of a husband. The plot is also shaky when she dies. It is hard to tell whether she had a heart attack from happiness, or from the disappointment of her hopes. 5. Characters/ Characteristics Mrs. Mallard- Ill with heart trouble. Loves her husband, but wants freedom from her life of submission. Josephine- Takes care of sister. Worried and helpful Richards- Friend of Brently Mallard and family. First to hear of rail accident. Brently Mallard- traveled, loving. 6 Narrator/ Narrative stance/ How does this affect story? Outside narrator. Narrative stance- Limited omniscient. Allows reader to see all of the story and not just one person s viewpoint, yet holds enough information back to allow reader to think. 7. Judgment of story This story gives the reader the opportunity to think ahead, but not to get the whole plot of the story. Setting and plot give this story a great historical outlook.

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