Critical Lens Essay

Critical Lens Essay

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In life we come to many conflicts. Some are easy some are hard. The quote, "The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph" by Thomas Paine, relates to everyday life. This even happened the other day to me. I agree with this quote because when you work very hard for something it becomes special. It means that the harder the task the more you will appreicate it. If the task was not hard but you still acomplished it, you will not appreicate it as much as if you worked twice as hard. The other day I was studing for a huge test in global history, which is my worst subject. I also had a math test that day, which is my best subject. I studied for both but I studied extra hard for global. I then took the tests. I got a 95 on my math test and a 95 on global. Even though I got the same grades on my test it the global that meant so much more than the math. I worked so hard to get that grade and I succeeded it what I was trying to accomplish. Because the global was such a hard test and I did very well I felt very proud of myseft that I accomplished such a big task. In retrospect one see's how this quote can relate to a person's life. It happens often but the person might not always realize when it is happening. When we are able to solve small probelms we don't feel like we've accomplished much, but when the problem solved is big we feel like we've accomplished more and a we gain self-confidence and pride.

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