Story Of An Hour Essay

Story Of An Hour Essay

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The imagery used in Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin, provokes thoughts and senses in ways that allow the reader to imagine what they perceive to be occurring. Although each person develops their own mental picture, each one could be considered correct. It is through the wonderful use of diction, or language, that each person creates their own picture. In paragraph five the use of diction is so thought provoking that the reader can actually see what Mrs. Mallard sees as she looks out of the window. Spring is found outside the window. It is a beautiful day, and there is a sweet smell that lingers after the rain. A person is singing a song in the background that Mrs. Mallard can barely hear, but, nonetheless, it sounds refreshing. The sky is cloudy, but there are patches of blue, beautiful sky that shine through the clouds. It is also very strange that Mrs. Mallard would be able to see all the beautiful aspects found outside the window after she has been informed of her husband s tragic death. Not only is the reader given a vivid visual image when Mrs. Mallard looks out the window, but also when she comes to the realization that she is happy with the fact that her husband is dead. At least she thinks he is. She doesn t come to the realization that she is happy and free right away. Instead, she is very confused at first and we are able to see this through the great description given. Her mood continually changes from joy to sorrow. There is a dull stare found in her eyes. This shows sorrow. However, at the same time, with her fair, calm face, she sees the blue patches in the sky. Her eyes turn to keen and bright. This shows happiness. Mrs. Mallard endures conflicting emotions during this time. These emotions are brought to life for the reader through the wonderful use of imagery by the author. Again, in paragraph 20, there is another wonderful use of imagery. As Mrs. Mallard emerges from her room she has an overwhelming feeling of triumph. Unknowingly, she carries herself as a goddess of victory. It is as if she is making her grand entrance after she has won an award. In this case she has won freedom which is far more valuable to her than having the love of her husband, a love never really experienced between the two of them. She descends the stairs with her sister only to see her dead husband walk through the door. This passage is so vivid. As Richards shields Mr. Mallard from the sight of Mrs. Mallard s shrilling cry and eventually death, the reader can actually visualize what is occurring. It is only through the vivid description used by the author that the reader is able to visualize clearly what is happening in the story. The diction, or language, used in Story of an Hour is so thought provoking and is the primary means by which the reader uses the words in the story to paint an extravagant depiction or mental image of what Ms. Mallard is experiencing.

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