Should Or Shouldn T Universities Strive For A Culturally Diverse Student Body Essay

Should Or Shouldn T Universities Strive For A Culturally Diverse Student Body Term paper

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Recent changes in American society have resulted in increasing number of minority students enrolling in colleges and universities. Differing views among these ethnic groups can sometimes cause conflicts for students of all races (Cozic 249). Some argue that students and universities benefit from these ethnic conflicts. Same time others believe that increasing racial diversity in American colleges and university has led to a decrease in the quality of education. People who support multiculturalism in universities believe that students
I AM AWAKE In a world filled with technology and industry, it can become increasingly difficult to take a step back and view the world in its natural state. In ...
who can resolve conflict in racially diverse universities will be better prepared to succeed than students at universities that are more homogeneous (Cozic 249). Conflict is expected, perhaps even healthy, in a social situation where people have different interests and compete for scarce resources (Duster 251). Some American schools are racially integrated, so it is not surprising that students experience shock and tension when they arrive at their first experience of multiculturalism (251). But shocks like this maybe a good preparation for future life. According to Duster, nowadays students are far more competent, far more eligible, far more prepared than when this [Berkley] was an all-white university in 1950 (252). Back in 1960s , when the campus was mainly white, almost every eligible student who applied to Berkley was admitted (252). But when the United States changed its immigration laws in the 1970s, well-qualified candidates from China, Hong Kong, and Korea swelled the pool of applicants (252). Suddenly, not everyone who was eligible could get in (252). The increasing number of minorities applying to universities created increasingly ferocious competition at the same-sized admissions gate (252). The media, so far has chosen to emphasize the beleaguered white student who has to adjust to affirmative action (252). Isn t it a shame, stories imply, that these students are feeling uncomfortable in an environment that used to be their university (252). It isn t theirs anymore (252). Since the demographics of the United States are changing at a fast rate, shouldn t the university population and curriculum reflect more of this new reality? (252 - 53). Meanwhile, the quality of students at universities is only getting better. Duster implies that affirmative action exists because, over the past two hundred years, blacks and Latinos have had a difficult time entering higher education, and that legacy hasn t gone away (253). There are economic barriers that restrict access to college for minorities. And these barriers aren t disappearing. The smartest among them [Berkley students] also see that in a globalized economy, Berkley s multiculturalism can make them better leaders . (254). The opponents of cultural diversity believe that affirmative action favors minorities whose average
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