Macbeth - History, Liberty, And Authority Essay

Macbeth History Liberty And Authority Term paper

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Macbeth History ;Liberty And AuthorityThis painting was painted during the 1500's the time when Henry the V111 was reigningas King. The artisit is obviuosly a prodostin, for he mokes those things of God (or the socalled things believed to be of God) in the painting,We will start with the King, he is portrayed as being very ill on is bed, his "death bed",where we see him pointing to his left (our right), it looks as though he is pointiing to hisson sitting on his throne beside him, symbolising that he is to be the next King of England,but yet he may be pointing further on, prehaps to the respectected protestant mensymbolising that they will be ruling England after the Kings death. Through reading otherbooks of this time, it would suggest that the group of men in which King Henry is pointingto are a carefully chosen council with both reformers and Catholics ( though there doesn'tseem to be anyone representing the Catholics, besides the whithered Pope and runningmonks) At the foot of the Princes chair there sits a Pope in an almost collapsing position, he issurrounded by the words of idolatry, supersticious, peyned Holine. This is most likelyrepresenting that the Pope is so wraped up in these materialistic things that this is what iscausing the him to collapse. On the Popes garmet the words "All fleshe is grasse" are printed, and there is a biblefalling upon his head with the words "The word of the Lord endvereth for ever". When youput both what it says on the Popes gown and the bible together you see that the artist hastaken a few verses from the bible ( I Peter vs 24 -25 ) where Peter wrote "All flesh is likegrass and all its glory like the flower of grass. The grass withers, and the flower falls, butthe word of the Lord endereth forever. The artist is acting out (or painting out) what theactual words are saying, the bible is pushing down on the Pope (the word of the Lord endereth forever) causing the Pope to collapse ( all flesh is like grass, the grass withers). The bible falling on the Popes head might also represent that the Pope is a lesser authoritythan God and his word, though we also must notice that the bible is at the foot of thePrince, does this mean that the Prince is a higher authority than Gods word?On the left of the pope seems what to be the Monks running, prehaps in fear that theycould be ruined and shown for who they actaully are, just like the Pope has been. Justabove one of the monks head underneath the Kings death bed there seems to be a vision ofthe virgin Mary, just as I said earlier, the King may be pointing to the chosen council thatwere to rule the country after him (or until the Prince was 16 years old). King Henrywanted the council to consist of reformers and Catholics, the vision of the virgin Marymost likely just symbolises that the King is a bielever of the Catholic religion and wishesto keep the faith going after his death. We are not sure of all the men in the painting but we know that the one standing next tothe Prince is, EdwardsVI's uncle, Duke of Somerset and Protector of the realm. He isobviosuly standing and not sitting with the other men for the plan reason that he isconsidered more imporant and higher up in England.We also know of one more man, Thomas Cranmer (Arch Bishop of Canterbury), he sitsbeside the Duke of Somerset. He and Somerset were both the main bodies who tried torearrange the order of the Church for a short time (before Somerset was removed from theCouncil).Behind the men sitting down in the painting there appears to be a window (or a picture),out side the window there displays men franticully running around and there is a bigbuilding crummbeld to the

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