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The Miracle Worker The Play, "The Miracle Worker", written by William Gibson, is about a child witha disability. Her parents have gone to many doctors to try to solve the problem, but so far,nothing has worked. They are ready to give up when Aunt Ev brings up at dinner a doctorwho has helped many children like this. After a heated argument, they decide to go alongwith the idea, and Annie comes into their lives. Annie was a patient of Anagnos, and also astudent. She learned how to help children who had a disability like she once did. Her eyescan not withstand bright light thanks to the many operations she has been through. Annieand Keller, Helen's father, have very different ideas on how to work things and fight often.Kate, Helen's mother, just wants the best for Helen and will agree with Annie if she feelsthat it is the right thing to do. The entire family has spoiled Helen so much that it is almosttoo later for Annie. But with much work and plenty of patience, Annie finally breaks thegap between understanding and knowing. The characters that changed the most wereCaptain Keller, Annie, and Helen Helen's father, Captain Keller changed allot during the play. In the beginning, Mr.Keller was very unreasonable and over all a jerk. When Aunt Ev and Kate wanted to writethe doctor he wanted nothing to do with it. Saying it was just another waist of there time.As the plot progressed, the events taking place changed Captain Keller. He became more sensible, letting Annie have almost complete control over Helen. He is allot moreunderstanding in the end of the play. Captain Keller shows a large and important amount ofchange as the play ended. Annie also changed as the play progressed. In the beginning she was very cold andstubborn. This was her first time and she was unsure on how to control Helen, whilepleasing her family. When she asked for the house alone with Helen she became more opento her and was much warmer inside. She changed for the better, explaining herself insteadof just thinking everyone would understand what she wanted. By the end of the play, shewas a warmer, more loving person. Much more helpful that she was before. Annie almostchanged her entire attitude towards her job. Helen probably changed the most as the play progressed. When it started, Helenwas just a spoiled brat. She would not listen to anything her family tried to tell her. Shewould do anything and pretty much get away with it. As Annie took over and helped teachHelen right from wrong, Helen began to act much more grown up. She began to showmanners and also that she knew right from wrong. Helen changed allot from the beginningtill the end. As the play progressed and the plot thickened, you could notice considerablechange in the characters. Captain Keller, Annie, and Helen showed the most amount ofchange. There characters went from a truly bad personality, to a warm and loving one.Without these 3 characters changing, the play would be allot less interesting to everyone

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