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English 2004April 29, 1999 Satan, in the work Paradise Lost by John Milton, is a main character who has not only revolted in heaven, but is an evil character who will do anything to destroy God or His works. This is perfectly exemplified in Satan s soliloquy in Book Four, lines 505-515. In Satan s first vision of Adam and Eve, anger is built inside him because jealousy rages and he cannot handle seeing God s work so happy and joyful. Satan states, Sight hateful, sight tormenting! thus these two/ Imparadised in one another s arms (IV. l 505-6). He is just furious that he is not able to enjoy those same feelings because he has been banished to Hell. He is also jealous because Adam and Eve seem to have everything that they could possibly need, except the temptation to sin.Satan s devilish mind is not satisfied with only jealousy ;thus, he must find a way to destroy the paradise that he cannot be included in. This is Satan s form of rebellion against the powers above. Since his revolt in heaven, Satan cannot handle observing anything of God s, so he ponders on how he can destroy His creation. The answer comes to him when Adam and Eve were discussing the fruit of the forbidden tree. Thoughts of tempting Adam and Eve with the forbidden fruit came to his mind. Although Satan contrives a plan that will ultimately lead to the end of Paradise, he feels no regret because, Yet let me not forget what [knowledge] I have gained/ from their own mouths (IV. l 512-4). His jealousy has led him to become the most horrible person that has no regards for anyone or their creations.Many major themes concerning Paradise Lost are evident in the beginning of Satan soliloquy (IV. 505-515). He is a jealous character that has an obsession with rebellion and living and having a world that is exactly his way. Therefore destroying all that does

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